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John McDonnell MP Attacks Anti-Union Employers

The Convenor of the RMT Parliamentary Group John McDonnell MP, has been drawn first in the Private Members' Bill Ballot of MPs and after consultation with the trade union movement, he is sponsoring the Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill. This will tackle the increasing employer practice of using minor technical errors in the balloting process - which have no material effect on the outcome - to take unions to court in order to prevent them from taking industrial action.

John McDonnell launches Bill to restore the right to strike

Press release from John McDonnell MP ...John McDonnell, supported by the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group, presents his Private Members' Bill to parliament today which if adopted would significantly improve unions' ability to defend their members and would be the first step towards the full restoration of trade union rights.

After coming first in the Private Members' Ballot and in consultation with the trade union movement and leading trade union lawyers, John McDonnell MP is sponsoring the "Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill" to tackle the increasing practice by employers of using minor technical errors in the balloting process - which have no material effect on the outcome - to take unions to court in order to prevent them from taking industrial action.

RMT slams “Budget for the Rich” and warns of widespread public and industrial resistance to ConDem cuts agenda

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today slammed what it described as “the ConDem’s budget for the rich” – warning of widespread community and industrial resistance once people realise the full scale of the impact of the Government’s cuts plans for public services and the true cost for jobs and standards of living.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

John McDonnell to Propose Bill to Stop Employers Getting Strikes Banned on Technicalities

Press release from John McDonnell MP ...

As one door closes another one open: John McDonnell tops the poll in the Private Members' Bill Ballot.

John McDonnell MP has been drawn first in the Private Members' Bill Ballot today and has opted for a Bill to tackle abuse of trade union ballots by employers.

John McDonnell said:

Get John McDonnell on the ballot paper!

RMT has issued a call for trade unionists and socialists to unite behind John McDonnell’s bid to secure enough nominations to stand in the Labour Party leadership contest and to use his campaign as an opportunity to begin the fightback against the ConDem government’s all-out assault on public services and living standards.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“John McDonnell leads the RMT group in parliament and no MP has done more to fight against attacks on jobs, public services and workers rights. John is a tireless worker on behalf of trade unionists and the communities that will be there in the front line of the ConDem attack and he is the perfect alternative to the assorted candidates from Continuity New Labour.

Support John McDonnell for Labour leader!

John McDonnell, convenor of RMT's Parliamentary group, is standing in the election for Labour Party leader. Unlike the other candidates, John has consistently supported our union and others in our campaigns for public ownership of public services, the repeal of anti-union laws, and many other issues. John is a principled socialist, and his candidacy asserts that Labour should represent, rather than betray, working-class people.

The first hurdle John has to overcome is to get 33 MPs to nominate him in order to even get ont he ballot paper. Here are two things you can do to help this, without even moving from where you are sitting now!
1. Email Owen Jones o.p.jones@gmail.com and ask him to add your name to the list of John's supporters.
2. Email your Labour MP (and any others!) urging him/her to nominate John. You can find your MP's details here: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/

Left and trade unions organising coalition to defeat cuts by ‘neoliberal coalition government’

From the Labour Representation Committee ...

The left and trade unions have started organising a broad coalition against the incoming coalition government and its plans to cut public services, jobs, pensions and benefits. There is no popular mandate for cuts and, as in Greece, any attempt to impose them will be firmly resisted.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:

Regulation of Health, Safety and Welfare

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary ...

In the final days before the General Election I would remind you of the stance taken by the Conservative Party with regard to protecting workers health, safety and welfare. The Tories have repeatedly diminished workers rights when in power and were responsible for the harshest erosion of protection via their sustained attacks on trade union legislation during the 80s and 90s.

Letter to Labour candidates - and some replies

As requested by RMT's campaign committee, I wrote the following letter to Labour Parliamentary candidates in and around London (or at least, the ones I could find email addresses for!):

As you may know, London Underground, under the leadership of Tory Mayor Boris Johnson, plans to cut 800 station staff jobs, and to severely cut ticket office opening hours.

RMT and London Underground's other trade unions strongly oppose this plan, as we believe it will: - endanger passengers - reduce customer service