Get John McDonnell on the ballot paper!

RMT has issued a call for trade unionists and socialists to unite behind John McDonnell’s bid to secure enough nominations to stand in the Labour Party leadership contest and to use his campaign as an opportunity to begin the fightback against the ConDem government’s all-out assault on public services and living standards.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“John McDonnell leads the RMT group in parliament and no MP has done more to fight against attacks on jobs, public services and workers rights. John is a tireless worker on behalf of trade unionists and the communities that will be there in the front line of the ConDem attack and he is the perfect alternative to the assorted candidates from Continuity New Labour.

“John McDonnell has a reservoir of support that extends way beyond the ranks of the Labour Party membership, it would be an absolute travesty if he was kept out of the race for the leadership and would send out a signal that the Labour Party machine has learnt absolutely nothing.

“On the big issues; defending public services, opposing privatisation, repealing the anti-trade union laws, bringing our troops home and supporting workers rights, John stands shoulder to shoulder with RMT and the trade union and socialist movement. He deserves our full support.”

What you can do

There are several things you can do NOW to help get John McDonnell on the ballot paper and ensure that as Labour Party members and trade unionists we have the choice to vote for a campaigning socialist as Labour leader:

  • Please lobby your Labour MP to nominate John McDonnell
  • If you don’t have a Labour MP, then why not lobby a Labour MP sponsored by your union or an MP who you’ve campaigned for
  • Pass a resolution in your Labour Party branch or at your GC calling on MPs to nominate John McDonnell
  • Pass a resolution in your trade union branch calling on your union to back John McDonnell
  • Write to newspapers, magazine and on blogs and let people know why you’re backing John
  • Join the John4Leader Facebook page