River transport

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RMT To Push For Free Travel on Cable Car And River Boats for All London Transport Workers

We welcome the resolution from our East Ham branch and agree that all staff working for TfL and its
subsidiaries, franchisees and contractors should be granted free travel on all its services - including the
cable car and riverboat services - for themselves and a nominee. We instruct the General Secretary to
write to Transport for London accordingly, requesting a meeting to discuss this.

We also instruct the General Secretary to place in front of us a report on the prospects of an RMT recruitment and organising campaign on the Emirates Airline Cable Car.

RMT Members Ballot for Action on Woolwich Ferries

Woolwich ferryRMT is to ballot our members on the Woolwich Ferry for action short of strikes in a dispute about redundancies and attacks on terms and conditions.

Ferry operator SERCO wants to get rid of 31 jobs out of 120 who work on board the ferries. RMT fears that shoreside workers will face redundancies when the company have dealt with the onboard staff.