Jubilee South News January 2018

Jubilee South News is the newsletters for members of the Jubilee South branch.

In this episode:

- Thank you Jason, Goodbye Bob
- The Grinch who stole my Xmas pay
- New TOMs at Stratford and North Greenwich
- FFFS - FFFA What’s in a name?
- Meet our new stations Health & Safety rep

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The Grinch who stole my Xmas pay cheque

Why should you be in the RMT when LUL tell you there’s no need as we treat all staff with a degree of courtesy and respect?


How about this little Xmas cracker!


Member has had a horrendous year of personal struggle and grief.

Mental Health issues and a promise of support from LUL following a failed suicide attempt.


TFL Transformation: Mass members meeting to be arranged

TfL Transformation

Following latest discussions with the company; we instruct the General Secretary to arrange a TfL mass members meeting this month; inviting all other unions on TfL to seek a way forward in line with our members wishes, union policy and with a view to inter-union cooperation.

Members to be advised by email and text.

All London Transport Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

Transformation Counter Proposals

By now, I’m sure you have all had a chance to familiarise yourselves with the Business Case in your area that LU are proposing as part of Transformation. The RMT continue to oppose the proposed changes in the Business Cases and we have had agreement from the company that they are willing to consider counter proposals from affected areas.


Transformation Update - Job Descriptions

During our previous staff consultation drop ins the TU requested you all to be proactive and provide us with your current job descriptions and examples where you believe you go above and beyond your current role.

We are now in the process of receiving the proposed "draft" job descriptions from management to review, so it is imperative that you access these and feed back to us your comment and concerns. These JDs are available on Sharepoint.

2nd Jan 'Happy New Fare Rise' protests, location and times

Dear Colleagues


Thank you to everyone who has helped organise these important protests.

'Happy new year' it isn't as passengers face price hikes and guards and other members working in the rail industry suffer unprecedented attacks from the Government and employers - ranging from the spread of driver only operation, cuts to infrastructure work, ticket office closures and de-staffing of stations.