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RMT Upfront - ballot result means we are ready to fight

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for RMT train drivers on London Underground.

This edition looks at the cuts and attacks that management may attempt, and how we are ready collectively to fight back for our jobs, pensions and agreements.

  • Please download, print and distribute this newsletter in your train crew accomodation.

RMT to fight Night Tube job cuts plan and attack on conditions

- RMT ready to fight London Underground plans to cut 200 Night Tube Jobs, and increase weekend and night work for full time drivers.

RMT to fight London Underground plans to abolish Night Tube Train Drivers grade.

TUBE UNION RMT said today that it will fight plans by London Underground to abolish the Night Tube Train Drivers grade – if necessary through a campaign of industrial action.

Government proposes savage cuts on London Underground and Overground

TRANSPORT UNION RMT has revealed today that the Government proposes savage cuts on London Underground and Overground in spite of the high productivity levels of its workers.

The proposed cuts are part of an austerity package being demanded by the Government in exchange for a 6 month period of ‘workplace reform’ including a return to the idea of ‘driverless trains’ and an attack on workers’ pension schemes.

RMT exposes full scale of London Overground ticket office closures

On eve of day of action RMT exposes full scale of London ticket office closures

RAIL UNION RMT has released a full list today of London Overground’s plans to cut hours at 45 stations to the bare minimum and close the ticket offices altogether at Brondesbury, White Hart Lane and West Hampstead.

STM industrial action update


That we note the correspondence on file regarding a sizable number of our affected members being on annual leave resulting in a request from their representative requesting the 3 day strike set to beginning next Monday be suspended.

Accordingly; we suspend the coming strike action and instruct all members to work normally between 13:30 hrs Monday 23rd September to 23:30hrs on Wednesday 25th September 2019.