Political representation

Ensuring that workers' voice is heard in politics

Mayoral elections 2016 - Where do the candidates stand on issues important to RMT members?

In my role as RMT union’s LTRC Political Officer, I was instructed to contact mayoral candidates standing in the London 2016 elections. This was to determine which one of the candidate supports key union policies and our members best interests. For obvious reasons and as stated, the Tories and any party (considered) opposed to socialist principles were not contacted. 

The questions incorporate RMT active Parliamentary Groups pursuit of a progressive transport and employment agenda based on the following principles:

Rail workers to join lobby of Parliament over casualisation and pay abuses

Rail Worker's from across the country will join a lobby of Parliament on 26th November 2014 to oppose the exploitation of workers through the use of umbrella companies, and also to highlight the safety concerns of those working alongside an increasingly casualised contractor workforce.

The day will include a demonstration in Old Palace Yard opposite Parliament starting at 10.45 – 12.00 noonafter which workers will go into the Houses of Parliament for a lobby and rally at 12.45pm – 2.00pm in Committee Room 14

Speakers at the rally include:

Mick Cash - RMT General Secretary

RMT Political Fund Ballot


The law say that that all unions must have a separate Political Fund if they want to spend money campaigning on issues that have a political content. The Political Fund is made up by deducting money from member’s union subscriptions. This is known as the “political levy” and amounts to just £3.12 a year, or 26p a month.

Houses of Parliament Debate On Tube Job Cuts Plan

John McDonnell MP has led the "Future Government funding for Transport for London and station staffing levels" debate at Westminster Hall. Several MPs spoke in the debate in support of a properly staffed tube network.

John McDonnell leads RMT's Parliamentary group of Labour MPs, which has a track record of fighting for RMT members and the wider trade union movement, putting down early day motions, lobbying and hosting meetings and a number of other important activities.

Bob Crow Warns Of Attack On Workers In 2014

RMT general secretary Bob Crow warns of hard year of campaigning and action ahead in New Year message.

"No one should be under any illusions. 2014 will be a tough year for Britain's workers as the Government ratchets up its attacks on workers rights and public services. Cuts are set to escalate and only militant and coordinated action across workplaces and communities can stop the bulldozer of austerity

Diane Abbott MP Questions Prime Minister On Tube Job Cuts

Hackney MP Diane Abbott has asked a question in parliament during Prime Ministers Questions enquiring how cutting more than 700 jobs will raise living standards for ordinary Londoners.

London Underground has announced that they plan for 950 jobs to go, with all ticket offices closing and most station staff having to reapply for jobs.

Abbott who is a member of the RMT parliamentary group said:

RMT's Bob Crow To Ramp Up Call For "New Party Of Labour" At Pre-TUC Rally

At a pre TUC Rally on Sunday lunchtime in Bournemouth, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow will ramp up the call to the trade union movement to support the creation of a “new party of labour” to challenge head on the pro-business, anti-worker agenda of the three main political parties, Tory, Labour and Liberals.

The call comes in the wake of the decision by the GMB union to make serious cuts to its Labour affiliation levels, a decision which has sparked off a major debate in the trade union movement about the future of working class political representation

Special Meeting: The Thatcher Years - The Resistance, The Victims, The Truth

From London Transport Region Secretary John Reid

RMT Members are invited to a political event to commemorate the victims of Thatcherism and neo liberalism.
Celebrate the heroic resistance of the Miners, Print workers,anti poll tax movement, and all the working class communities who resisted Thatcher during the dark days of her vicious anti working class reign as Prime Minister.

Meeting and refreshments at the Exmouth Arms on Wednesday 17th April 1900 hours.

Speakers include:
Linda Wiles - President of the Region

Blog: 2011 Census

Data from the 2011 UK and Wales census was recently released. The Office for National Statistics which oversees the process says the census "help paint a picture of the nation and how we live. They provide a detailed snapshot of the population and its characteristics, and underpin funding allocation to provide public services."

A number of reports have been compiled from the findings covering London. Notably these include the 'GLA Intelligence Unit' reports into the Labour Market, Housing, Ethnic Diversity and Health & Unpaid Care findings of the cencus.

Regional Council Meeting Report November 2012

This is a synopsis of the report given by the London Transport Region Executive Member Janine Booth to the London Transport Regional Council Meeting on 29th November 2012.

To get more details please try and attend your branch meeting or regional council - your rep should have more information too. Alternatively this site has lots of information and material for workplaces in the London Region.