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Sign The E-petition Against Cuts To Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

You can sign this very important petition here.

From General Secretary Bob Crow
Despite the successful efforts of the Union and the RMT Parliamentary Group in blocking the government’s previous attack on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, as suspected, the Tory millionaires and Lib Dem lickspittles have re-submitted plans to cut a quarter - £50 000 000 - from the CICS budget.

RMT Responds To News That Patrick Mcloughlin Is New Transport Secretary

At yesterdays Tory cabinet reshuffle Patrick Mcloughlin was appointed as the new transport secretary. Mcloughlin, MP for the Derbyshire Dales constituency has been a Conservative MP since 1986 The website 'theyworkforyou.com' lists him as voting 'strongly against equal gay rights,' 'very strongly for the Iraq war' and 'moderately against a transparent Parliament' among other things.

Durham Miner's Gala 2012

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

I am writing to remind you about this year’s Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival and Durham Miners’ Gala taking place in a few weeks time.

The date of this year’s Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival is the weekend of 13-15 July. This is an excellent and very popular event commemorating some of the pioneers of trade unionism. The procession and rally will take place on the Sunday 15 July.

RMT Early Day Motions On Taxi Issues

RMT’s Parliamentary group has submitted Early Day Motions on three issues that are very important to our taxi driver members.

Please take a couple of minutes to contact your MP to urge him/her to sign these motions. This will help our campaigns to defend our taxi driver members’ livelihoods (as well as helping the environment, congestion reduction and public safety!).

EDM59 – London Taxis and the Olympic Route Network

That this House notes the inevitable pressures on London's transport network throughout the Olympic Games; further notes that the Olympic Route Network is an important component of transport plans for the Olympics;

RMT Slams Latest Government Attacks On Worker’s Rights

Transport union RMT today slammed leaked reports that venture capitalist, Tory-funder and Cameron oppo Adrian Beecroft is preparing to publish a study recommending a full-frontal attack on workplace rights.

Beecroft, who has funded the Tories to the tune of a half a million pounds, has been set up by Cameron to be his out-rider for attacking worker’s rights in the same way that McNulty was tasked with doing a similar number on the railways.

Monday 21st of May: Resistance - The Best Olympic Spirit

Seize The Time

The event "Resistance - The Best Olympic Spirit", organised by the RMT, will be held at Friends House on Monday 21st May at 6pm.

Tickets are available for free from Unite Against Facism.

View the flyer here or download below.

Speakers include John Carlos, Doreen Lawrence and Janet Alder.

There will be several unforgettable speakers at the meeting:

7pm: John Carlos, Doreen Lawrence and Janet Alder

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Generation Lost – Youth Unemployment And The Youth Labour Market

from General Secretary Bob Crow

Please find attached a copy of Generation Lost – Youth unemployment and the youth labour market, a report from the TUC.

Produced as a discussion document, rather than a TUC statement of policy, the pamphlet outlines a number of proposed measures to reduce youth unemployment both in the short term and long term.

I hope you find the material useful, addressing as it does an issue of great significance to RMT and all trade unionists.

Blog: Raise Minimum Wage For Young People Under 21

In its recent budget, the government raised the minimum wage for over 21 year olds in line with inflation, but froze the minimum wage for under 21 year olds. The minimum wage is currently at £6.19 an hour for people aged over 21, compared to £4.98 for under 21 year olds.

There is no evidence to support the government’s argument that this will help to get young people into work. Instead, this unjust measure will only serve to widen the increasing intergenerational inequality that we are seeing in Britain, and force hundreds of thousands of young people further into poverty.