Sign The E-petition Against Cuts To Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

You can sign this very important petition here.

From General Secretary Bob Crow
Despite the successful efforts of the Union and the RMT Parliamentary Group in blocking the government’s previous attack on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, as suspected, the Tory millionaires and Lib Dem lickspittles have re-submitted plans to cut a quarter - £50 000 000 - from the CICS budget.

If they are successful, there will be less money to go around people who are injured by criminals, including those who are attacked at work and the children of murder victims. The government’s own assessment of its proposals admits that 60% of those entitled to compensation under the current scheme would lose their entitlement. The government is seeking to push these changes through the House of Commons by 22nd October and they also have to be approved by the House of Lords.

RMT has tabled an E-petition calling for these cuts to be stopped. If we get 100,000 signatures we will have a chance of blocking these outrageous plans again and I urge you to go to the following web address and sign the petition.

Please encourage your family, friends and workmates to sign this petition, as soon as possible.