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RMT branches to discuss affiliation to Labour Party

RMT AGM agrees to consultation with Branches and Regions on question of Labour Party affiliation.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"In light of the changes to the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership RMT's AGM has decided that the time is right to undertake a consultation with our members on the issue of Labour Party affiliation ‎with a report back to a Special General Meeting.

Video: Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn joins RMT Annual General Meeting

Jeremy Corbyn tells RMT AGM in Exeter that Labour will repeal Tory rail privatisation act and legislate for public ownership.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has told the AGM of transport union RMT in Exeter this afternoon that the next Labour Government will repeal the Tories' rail privatisation legislation to pave the way for public ownership.

Jeremy Corbyn said;

A message from Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to RMT members

Dear RMT member,

I am really grateful for the support of the RMT in my campaign to be re-elected as Leader of the Labour Party.

Let's unite and make sure we keep building a Labour Party that fights for the interests of the working class.

The rules set by the Labour Party state that if you were a member of the Labour Party before 12 January 2016 you get a vote in the leadership election.

RMT Tube reps sign letter backing Jeremy Corbyn

We, the undersigned RMT union reps on London Underground are appalled at the disgraceful campaign waged by members of the Parliamentary Labour Party to unseat Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

Jeremy Corbyn has long been a friend to the RMT, supporting our campaigns for social justice and for peace.

Jeremy was only recently elected with a massive majority, and his election has inspired a massive increase in party membership.

RMT backs Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Trade union RMT statement in support of Jeremy Corbyn.

Responding to the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"By peddling the ludicrous notion that Jeremy is some how responsible for the EU referendum result, Jeremy's critics are in fact insulting the intelligence of voters and in doing so further alienating millions of natural Labour supporters who are quite capable of making up their own minds and who voted for what they believed in.

Blog: London mayor Sadiq Khan intends to appoint Val Shawcross CBE as Deputy Mayor for Transport and Deputy Chair of Transport for London

New London mayor Sadiq khan has announced his intention for Val Shawcross to become Deputy Mayor for Transport and Deputy Chair of Transport for London.

Tory multi-millionaire Zac Goldsmith is threatening the long-established travel concessions for hard-working London transport workers

RMT hits back at Tory multi-millionaire Goldsmith's attack on London Transport workers’ travel concessions

It has been reported today that Conservative mayoral candidate Zak Goldsmith whose wealth is estimated at between £200-£300 million, would consider taking away travel concessions of TfL workers.

Goldsmith  said he would use the 'saving' to pay for more BTP. Ironically it is Tory cuts which are the biggest threat to police numbers.