Central Line East RMT branch supports Jeremy Corbyn

Central Line East branch RMT extends our full support to Jeremy Corbyn in remaining as Labour Party leader, and to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have always supported our union and our members. John has attended our branch this year, and both John and Jeremy have supported our campaigns against cuts and closures on London Underground and stood on our picket lines with us. They have done so even in the face of hyped-up outcry against London Underground workers taking action to defend our jobs and London's public transport. None of Jeremy's Labour opponents or his prospective challengers have done this. That sort of solidarity deserves reciprocation. As they have supported us, then we support them.

This branch represents working people from central London to Essex, in Labour and non-Labour constituencies, marginals and safe seats. A significant number of our members are EU migrant workers. We know the importance of beating the Tories and improving the lives of working-class people. Labour has lost a great deal of support from those people - not in the last fortnight or the last nine months but over the previous two decades, when the Labour government privatised public services and started unjust wars, and Labour in opposition went along with Tory austerity policies.

Since Jeremy Corbyn's election as Leader, that has begun to turn around. Labour has forced government retreats on several key issues, has done well in elections, and has massively increased its membership. People are once again able to see a difference between Labour and the Tories. This has been achieved despite Jeremy being undermined at every opportunity by some Labour MPs. They have clearly been waiting for the "right" moment to attack him, and have chosen the time when the Tory government is in disarray to do so, pulling some people demoralised by the referendum result along with them, and wasting a golden opportunity to drive the Conservative government out of office.
Jeremy was elected by a huge majority or Labour Party members and supporters, and it is entirely wrong for a couple of hundred MPs to seek to overturn that.

This branch proposed the unanimously-passed resolution to last year's RMT Annual General Meeting supporting Jeremy's leadership bid, and is one of those pressing for our union to affiliate again to the Labour Party. It is only because of the election of Jeremy Corbyn that we are beginning to win some support for this: if he is removed, then that chance will be lost.

Janine Booth, Secretary
Glenn Brown, Chairperson
Adrian Finney, Political Officer