RMT Responds To News That Patrick Mcloughlin Is New Transport Secretary

At yesterdays Tory cabinet reshuffle Patrick Mcloughlin was appointed as the new transport secretary. Mcloughlin, MP for the Derbyshire Dales constituency has been a Conservative MP since 1986 The website 'theyworkforyou.com' lists him as voting 'strongly against equal gay rights,' 'very strongly for the Iraq war' and 'moderately against a transparent Parliament' among other things.

The previous incumbent of the post of Secretary for Transport was Justine Greening. Strongly against any expansion of Heathrow airport, Greenings removal from the post came at a time when more and more tory MPs are signalling support for the airport to be expanded.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “This is business as usual as far as RMT is concerned. We can expect Patrick McLoughlin to pursue the same cuts and privatisation agenda mapped out in the Government’s McNulty Rail Review . RMT promise him an all-out political and industrial fight to stop job losses, fare increases, ticket office closures and profiteering."

The new Transport Secretary will also have the toxic West Coast franchise shambles dumped straight on his desk and there’s plenty of mileage left in that fight as we expose the bankrupt shambles of rail privatisation foisted on the British people by an earlier Tory Government.”

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Friday, 19th August
RAIL UNION RMT has slammed plans announced by Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps to impose new contracts on railway workers, effectively ‘fire and re-hire’ on worse conditions, unless RMT calls off strike action.
Thursday, 18th August
RMT workers on London Overground and London Underground will go ahead tomorrow (Friday) against jobs cuts, attacks on pensions, low pay and the imposition of working practices.
Thursday, 18th August
RMT has written to Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps to demand that the government ends its deliberate policy of prolonging rail disputes for political reasons.
Wednesday, 17th August
Over 50,000 workers to walk out.
Tuesday, 16th August
RMT members will be taking another round of strike action this week. here's where you can find a local picket line.