Mayoral elections 2016 - Where do the candidates stand on issues important to RMT members?

In my role as RMT union’s LTRC Political Officer, I was instructed to contact mayoral candidates standing in the London 2016 elections. This was to determine which one of the candidate supports key union policies and our members best interests. For obvious reasons and as stated, the Tories and any party (considered) opposed to socialist principles were not contacted. 

The questions incorporate RMT active Parliamentary Groups pursuit of a progressive transport and employment agenda based on the following principles:

• Public ownership and public accountability of the rail network
• Opposition to the privatisation of London Underground or any public transport services
• Repeal of anti-trade union legislation and the promotion of rights at work

To date, only 2 candidates have replied by answering the questions. Their responses, along with the questions asked is attached to this report. They have both been invited to discuss their support at our next regional council meeting on Thursday 31 March.

George Galloway’s team have indicated they will respond in due course. Labour’s Sadiq Khan and Liberal Democrat’s Caroline Pidgeon are yet to respond.

Members should be aware when deciding who to vote for in the London Mayor elections, RMT union supports candidates who support us.

In solidarity,

Glen Hart

LTRC Political Officer