GLA Member Proposes End To LU Staff Cuts - Tories Walk Out Of Meeting

Greater London Authority member Valerie Shawcross has put forward a motion to end the job cuts at London Underground. In the motion, seconded by Caroline Pidgeon, assembly member Shawcross says:

"The London Assembly is concerned about Transport for London’s proposals to shed up to 800 ticket office and gateline jobs on London Underground which will adversely affect the opening times of 245 ticket offices right across the Tube network....This Assembly believes that passengers will feel less safe particularly at early mornings and late evenings. This Assembly urges Transport for London and its Chair, Mayor Boris Johnson, to review this decision and re-affirm reasonable and safe staffing levels right across the London Underground network to ensure passengers continue to receive excellent service."

When the meeting began only five of eleven elected Tory members were present. Three left when the motion regarding LU job cuts came to the agenda which meant there were not enough members at the meeting for it to continue.

Assembly members, who are elected by Londoners, are paid more than £50,000 a year to represent us and discussing motions is one of the few powers that they have to affect policy. It is reported that one Tory AM, when asked why they left the meeting, responded "because we couldn't be arsed."