Left and trade unions organising coalition to defeat cuts by ‘neoliberal coalition government’

From the Labour Representation Committee ...

The left and trade unions have started organising a broad coalition against the incoming coalition government and its plans to cut public services, jobs, pensions and benefits. There is no popular mandate for cuts and, as in Greece, any attempt to impose them will be firmly resisted.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:

“The public and private horse-trading masks the fact that whatever government emerges will be somewhere on the neoliberal spectrum, and will soon be driving through large scale cuts in public services, pensions and benefits.

“To face a neoliberal coalition government, the left and trade unions will be forging a coalition to resist attacks on our communities. The disgusting sight of the bond markets opening during the night to speculate at our expense demonstrates starkly what we are up against: the return of the casino economy backed by a neoliberal coalition government.”

John McDonnell MP will be opening the After the Election . . . Join the Resistance! conference next Saturday, 15th May, sponsored by a dozen trade unions, campaigns and socialist organisations. Other speakers at the conference include Mark Serwotka (PCS General Secretary) and Billy Hayes (CWU General Secretary).