Support John McDonnell for Labour leader!

John McDonnell, convenor of RMT's Parliamentary group, is standing in the election for Labour Party leader. Unlike the other candidates, John has consistently supported our union and others in our campaigns for public ownership of public services, the repeal of anti-union laws, and many other issues. John is a principled socialist, and his candidacy asserts that Labour should represent, rather than betray, working-class people.

The first hurdle John has to overcome is to get 33 MPs to nominate him in order to even get ont he ballot paper. Here are two things you can do to help this, without even moving from where you are sitting now!
1. Email Owen Jones and ask him to add your name to the list of John's supporters.
2. Email your Labour MP (and any others!) urging him/her to nominate John. You can find your MP's details here: