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For the latest on our fight against job cuts on London Underground go to our campaign Every Job Matters .

Minutes: Stations & Revenue Grades Committee Meeting 7th April 2010

Agenda: 1. Minutes from previous meeting 3rd March 2010 2. Standing Orders 3. Election of third contact for Staff our Stations Campaign 4. Membership lists (change to agenda agreed by members present) 5. Recruitment and retention Plan 6. Standing Items: Stations & Revenue Council Report, Local Reports, Stations and Revenue H&SReport.

Stations & Revenue Grades Committee

Stations and Revenue Grades Meetings Monthly meetings that bring together rank-and-file station and revenue RMT reps and activists. All members are welcome to come along and raise issues that concern you and plan with others how we are going to fight for a better deal for our grades.

Come along and bring your experience and ideas with you!

Location: The Exmouth Arms (upstairs), nearest station Euston Square.

exit the station turn right, take the first right. For a map click the FIND US tab.

Standing Items on the Agenda:

Station Groups Re-organisation: the gory details

London Underground has given some information about its plans to reorganise station groups. Comparing this with existing staff numbers, we can see where the company plans to cut jobs, and what effect the reorganisation will have on your working life.

You will see from this that every station and every group will be affected. You can not escape the effect of these cuts - except by joining RMT's fight to stop them!

Click here to read what London Underground is planning and why RMT objects.

It's Official: London Underground Plans to Slash "700-800" Stations Jobs

SOSTransport for London has today finally admitted its plans for widespread de-staffing of London Underground stations, with the loss of 700-800 jobs. Today's press release, which you can read below, follows months of warnings from RMT about the company's intentions, and several leaks - which at the time, the company dismissed as 'scaremongering'.

TfL claims that its plans will create a 'safe, efficient and transformed Tube'. However:

  • The Tube will not be 'safe' with hundreds fewer staff - it will leave passengers (and the remaining staff) vulnerable to accidents and assaults in understaffed stations, and unable to cope properly with serious, even life-threatening, incidents.
  • The Tube will not be 'efficient', as without enough staff, it will not be able to provide the reliable and comfortable services that passengers want.
  • The Tube will be 'transformed', but not in a good way! Rather, it will be 'transformed' into a barely-staffed system in which services become unreliable and passengers find it hard to find the help they need.

RMT is determined to fight these job cuts, as we know that they are potentially disastrous for station staff, for other grades of Underground and TfL staff, and for passengers. Everyone is welcome to be part of our campaign.

Make sure you regularly check our special 'SOS - Staff Our Stations' webpage for updates on developments and campaigning.

Leaked Tube Staffing Plan Raises Alarm Over Safety

SOSTUBE UNION RMT today revealed leaked details of an internal London Underground management report titled “Minimum Staffing Levels” which the union is warning would lead to the loss of hundreds of station jobs, hacking back to the absolute bare bones staffing levels agreed in the aftermath of the Kings Cross fire in 1987. Even Victoria, the busiest station on the underground with 76 million passengers, could see its current twelve staff cut to just two during “degraded” operation.