RMT Defends LU Stations Reps Numbers

RMT General Grades Committee decision about London Underground Machinery of Negotiation and Consutlation:

“We note that following the job- cutting OSP, which reduced the number of Station groups from 42 to 37, London Underground management has unilaterally declared a reduction in the number of RMT representatives. Their action in doing so is completely outside the agreed processes.

The Machinery of Negotiation and Consultation states that:

‘In the event of a reorganisation of the group, area or depot concerned, or a substantial variation in staff numbers or trades union membership, revisions to representation will be discussed by the Functional Council concerned and a joint proposal to amend Appendix A will be referred to the London Underground Company Council for ratification.’

The Health and Safety Consultative Framework states that:

‘In the event of any re-organisation of the constituency concerned or there is a substantial variation in staff numbers on trades union membership then revisions to representation will be jointly discussed between London Underground and trade union Head Offices and introduced as soon as possible.’

Despite this union repeatedly pointing this out to LU management, the company refuses to adhere to its own procedures. We instruct the General Secretary to write to LU urgently to insist that the company adheres to these machineries and meets urgently with union representatives at Functional Council and Head Office levels respectively to agree new numbers for local representatives.

We note that LU has stated that RMT is at liberty to ‘reallocate existing reps around their constituencies’ (letter from Gerry Duffy, 1/3/11), and that the company has previously stated that the total number of reps should not change.

RMT will argue at these meetings that the number of local representatives should not total fewer than the number of representatives recognised by LU before the OSP group reorganisation, and that LU should recognise RMT representatives in the Special Requirements Team (SRT).

Should LU refuse to arrange such meetings within seven days, we instruct the General Secretary to refer the issue to ACAS as a matter of urgency.

All Branches, the Regional Council, and all LU stations representatives to be informed of this decision.

This matter to be placed back in front of us in the event of further developments.”

What is a National Executive Committee decision?

This article is an 'executive decision' which has been written by the RMT National Executive Committee. The National Executive is the union's governing body in between AGMs. Its decisions set out what the union will do on a particular issue.

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