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For the latest on our fight against job cuts on London Underground go to our campaign Every Job Matters .

London Underground Functional Council election results

The following have been elected to serve as functional council representatives, January 2011 to December 2013

  • Trains Council: Glenroy Watson (Finsbury Park branch)
  • Stations and Revenue Council: Mac McKenna (Hammersmith & City branch) & John Reid (Camden 3 branch)
  • Service Control Council (SO 4 seat): Michael Livingstone (Piccadilly & District West)

Re-Grading of Shepherd's Bush Station

From Bob Crow, General Secretary

I write to update Branches that a resolution was received from our Central Line West Branch alleging unfair and discriminatory practices against members at Shepherds Bush. I am pleased to advise branches that the matter is now been resolved and the General Grades Committee has decided to close the file.

Wembley Central station stand firm for safety in the workplace

The new Health & Safety rep on the Wembley Central Group, Alan Foster has raised the issue of places of safety for staff on the gateline. On London Underground the standard place of safety is the GLAP. But when LU took over the control of the silver link stations north of Queens Park in 2007 none were put in. Management were quick enough off the mark to bring in gate lines to maximise revenue but the safety of the staff working the gate lines was deemed secondary.

Station Staff Survey: Short-Staffing On London Underground

The RMT London Transport Region is collecting stories of working alone or with too few staff on London Underground stations. You can complete the survey by clicking go to form below.

You can leave your name and email address, which will be kept entirely confidential and will allow us to contact you for more information. You can alternatively leave these blank if you prefer.

Companies and grades: 

7th of July Stations and Revenue Grades Committee

The next stations and revenue grades committee meets on: Wednesday 7th of July at 1500 hrs at The Exmouth Arms. The nearest station is Euston Square. If you need directions or further information please contact

It is important that as many reps as possible attend, and it would be great if reps could bring members with them as this is may be the last meeting we have before any industrial action takes place - certainly this will be the last SRGC meeting before the closing date of the all grades ballot.