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For the latest on our fight against job cuts on London Underground go to our campaign Every Job Matters .

7th of July Stations and Revenue Grades Committee

The next stations and revenue grades committee meets on: Wednesday 7th of July at 1500 hrs at The Exmouth Arms. The nearest station is Euston Square. If you need directions or further information please contact

It is important that as many reps as possible attend, and it would be great if reps could bring members with them as this is may be the last meeting we have before any industrial action takes place - certainly this will be the last SRGC meeting before the closing date of the all grades ballot.

Special issue of 'RMT Platform' - ten reasons why you should vote YES-YES

Please find attached the new issue of 'RMT Platform', our newsletter for London Underground station and revenue staff. It reports on what has been happening at talks with the company, explains how the job cuts will affect staff, answers frequently-asked questions, and offers ten reasons why staff should vote Yes in RMT's ballot for industrial action. Please download and distribute widely. Printed copies will also be available at the Regional Office at Unity House.

'RMT Platform' special issue, 22 June: Can Rostered Staff be Made to Work at Another Station?

As London Underground management move staff around like pawns to cover for their own deliberate under-staffing of stations, our new issue of 'RMT Platform' tells you exactly what your rights are, and how to stop management abusing them.

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download. Pleast distribute widely.

Passengers Say: Staff Our Stations!

Here are some of the responses we have received from passengers to our 'Staff Our Stations' leaflets:

"White City Tube Station is very busy and well and is situated at the heart of a large residential community and serves a number of major businesses such as the BBC and Westfield Shopping Centre. I object most strongly to the proposed staff cuts at this station."
Simon McKay

Average Call to Oyster Help Line Takes Nearly 11 Minutes

A freedom of information request shows that it takes on average nearly 11 minutes to resolve a query for customers calling the Oyster Helpline.

Is this what TfL and LU see as staying true to their vision of world class customer service when discussing job cuts? Is 11 minutes on a telephone better service than a face to face chat with staff in a ticket office?

Special Safety Notice from the Stations and Revenue Safety Council

Last Thursday, 29th April, RMT reps from the Stations and Revenue Safety Council were asked to attend a special meeting to discuss safety issues from the OSP (Job cuts programme).

We attended the meeting and at the start made it clear that as this matter was still at company council we would not be prepared to discuss anything or sit through any presentation. We made it very clear that until LUL had gone through the proper machinary and way of doing things, that is how our position would remain. We then left the meeting

Station & Revenue Grades Committee Meeting May 5th

Stations and Revenue Grades Meetings Monthly meetings that bring together rank-and-file station and revenue RMT reps and activists. All members are welcome to come along and raise issues that concern you and plan with others how we are going to fight for a better deal for our grades.

Come along and bring your experience and ideas with you!

Location: The Exmouth Arms (upstairs), nearest station Euston Square.

exit the station turn right, take the first right. For a map click the FIND US tab.

Standing Items on the Agenda:

'Staff Our Stations': campaign at Liverpool Street

Around 15 RMT members and supporters dished out hundreds of leaflets to Liverpool Street passengers on Friday lunchtime, explaining London Underground's plans to cut staff and ticket office service at their station.

All 500 leaflets were taken by passengers, many eager to read about the threat and support our campaign against it, and many of whom signed our petition: