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Why Station and Revenue Staff Should Support Victimised RMT Reps

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the latest issue of 'RMT Platform', which leads with this article:

Station and revenue staff should support RMT's campaign to win the reinstatement of sacked driver reps Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

London Underground sacked Eamonn for following instructions from line control when he had a defective trip cock! Other drivers in similar situations, even those more at fault, have not been sacked. LU sacked Arwyn following allegations from a strike-breaker during last year's strikes against stations job cuts.

In both cases, Employment Tribunals have awarded ' Interim relief', after ruling that Eamonn's and Arwyn's sacking's were unfair and unlawful, and that LU sacked them because of their trade union activity. But still management have not reinstated them, apparently thinking that they are above the law. That's why RMT has had to organise industrial action.

Following two one-day strikes on their own lines, RMT escalated the dispute to a ballot of all drivers. Two thirds voted Yes to strikes, and as we write, RMT is discussing what action to call should management not back down and reinstate Eamonn and Arwyn. This unjust treatment of two of our driver colleagues must not be ignored by station and revenue staff as it is clear that this kind of victimisation is becoming commonplace.

For the last few months RCI Rep Tony Rowntree has been put on alternate duties following allegations that he called a TSSA rep An offensive name for coming in on the strike an allegation that has been denied by over ten people who were present at the time but still this has gone to CDI. Tony has since been refused his legal right to a Rep of his choice when he tried to take Steve Hedley to his CDI.

Eamonn and Arwyn were sacked because they supported the strikes against station job cuts. RMT drivers supported our fight against station job cuts; we should support the fight to reinstate the drivers' reps. An attack on reps in one grade is an attack on members in all grades. There are plenty of ways in which we can help this campaign - details to follow!

Support Eamonn and Arwyn!