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Strike suspended - offer represents significant progress and the elimination or reduction of several threats

Dear RMT Member,



The Union has been in talks with LUL at ACAS and a set of proposals has been received in relation to each area of dispute regarding the Stations Change Proposals. A summary of these items is as follows:


Customer Services Resourcing (CSR) – CSA numbers

LUL commits to adding a number of CSAs back into local rosters, comprising:

Recommended CCEP Numbers


SRT Detrainment


Work-life Balance Roster Additions


Likely Roster Review Contingency




The contingency number of 25 is a guaranteed minimum number which could increase subject to the reviews on resilience taking place. In addition, LUL will convert 27 CSA2 positions to CSA1 positions and integrate these into single rosters at the locations concerned. These additions and conversions are based on previous dispute resolution discussions. Along with the 74 positions that were added back during local consultation, this reflects 200 more CSA1 roles than the original proposal, plus the additional 27 conversions.


Area Structure – Rostering Commitments

LUL commits to keeping existing rosters where possible, subject to local consultation

Enabling split rostering arrangements so a given new area may have multiple rosters that closer reflect the position on the original constituent areas

In Areas which cover a larger geographical area and/or have greater stations numbers on the area it is unlikely that re-rostering will be required

In Central London Areas this is likely to be more challenging although these areas typically have fewer stations and are geographically smaller and the effect on staff is therefore less. In addition, Areas where Stations are changing Area or Line, then new rosters are likely to be required

Roster arrangements will continue to be consulted at local level, including whether or not split rosters are implemented

The majority of rosters should not have to change

The Framework Agreement will be amended to protect this change


Stations Change Displacements

LUL commits to address potential displacements as a result of the Stations Change proposals using the same approach as for CSR. There have been no displacements at this stage following CSR and LUL continue to work towards a position that eliminates or at least minimizes the numbers as much as possible. If displacements are necessary, these will be discussed in detail within the formal machinery.


CSS1 Locations Regraded to CSS2


LUL has withdrawn the proposal to reclassify any stations from CSS1 to CSS2


Minimum Numbers Change Assurance Plan


LUL has withdrawn the current proposal. Any future proposals will be discussed in accordance with our machinery.


Customer Service Assistant 2 (CSA2)


All current and future CSA2 staff will be offered a CSA1 role and location after no later than 12 months service. Should they wish to accept that role, they will move to the CSA1 position at that location


Other Areas for Change in Stations


Apart from the Framework for the new CSM grade, all proposed changes in the Stations Area of Customer Operations as part of this programme have already been shared with RMT and there are no further elements to the programme.


Protection of Earnings (POE)


LUL acknowledge the long-standing protection of earnings policy and will continue to use this as the starting point. For this Stations Change only, LUL will extend the enhancement to a pensionable consolidated four year period with a guaranteed review at the end of year three. The protection will commence when the new grade changes go live, in approximately 2 years’ time.

LUL further clarified that the enhanced POE is consolidated and includes both the employee and employer pension contributions.

To ensure that at the end of protection, members would not find themselves experiencing an income drop LUL advised that its modelling indicated the overwhelming number of staff within the CSM2 and CSM3 grades will have already reached the CSS1 salary within the four year period and there will be no income drop. A review will take place at the end of year three and LUL expects that any staff left with a potential income drop at the end of year four, will be so small, that they will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the Union.

This offer represents significant progress and the elimination or reduction of several threats to members’ job security and conditions. We have won back 200 of the original 523 job cuts which were deleted using natural wastage (unfilled vacancies). The newly restored positions will now be recruited and filled and it is possible that further additions can be achieved through a further review of rosters under the machinery of negotiation.

LUL initially planned a revised area structure which would combine all rosters into a larger geographically dispersed areas. This would have required members to work on a regular basis across large areas of the tube and this threat has now been significantly reduced. Also station change displacements will be very limited and RMT Reps will be able to shape any arrangements that are necessary for a small number of members who may be at risk of displacement.

The proposal to regrade most Central London stations to be run by CSS2 instead of CSS1 is completely withdrawn. The protects our CSS1 members and maintains promotional opportunities on stations.

The proposal from LUL is dependent on RMT agreeing that the matters covered by the offer are resolved and no longer form part of the jobs, pensions and agreements dispute. In return, LUL stated that no further proposals for stations change will be brought forward.

Your Lead Officer and Stations Functional and Safety Council Reps have considered this matter and yesterday, held a consultation meeting with Stations & Revenue Level One and Tier One Reps. The National Executive Committee has now considered this matter and congratulated our negotiating team on their efforts. Members have been given a number of reassurances and a number of serious issues have been resolved through members standing together and being prepared to take substantial industrial action.

The National Executive Committee has taken the decision to accept the offer from London Underground and accordingly, the strike action on Wednesday 4th October, Friday 6th October and Friday 13thOctober (Met Line South Cover Group) and the overtime and rest day working ban from Sunday 15th to Saturday 21st October is suspended. All members are instructed to book on for shifts and work as normal.

Although we are no longer in dispute on these specific matters, our demands for a fully staffed network remains and the Union will pursue this through the agreed machinery of negotiation. I will keep you advised of all further developments.

Yours sincerely


Michael Lynch

General Secretary