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Stratford Depot News January 2019: Pay claim update

Stratford Depot News is the newsletter for drivers at Stratford depot and across the Jubilee Line. It is produced by RMT activists.

In this edition:

  • A New Pay Claim For 2019 - The all grades pay claim will be led by the all grades union

  • Level 1 meeting update

  • Pool table coming to Fleet House

  • When unions laugh at job cuts, we all lose

  • New RMT Learner Rep

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Meeting arranged to discuss Central Line dispute


Further to my previous Circular (IR/506/18, 21st November 2018) a series of talks with the Company took place at ACAS before Christmas in an effort to seek a resolution to this dispute. There was some movement on the key issues and the National Executive Committee took the decision to suspend the strike action on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd December 2018.

Industrial victory: Bakerloo Line South Group action suspended


That we note the report from the Lead Officer; and that the company agree with all our points and demands in this dispute and appear to be sincere in rectifying the unsatisfactory items.

This industrial victory is to the credit of our stations members, reps, activists and the Bakerloo Line Branch who have by their steadfastness and solidarity demonstrated their willingness to stand up to the company.

Waterloo & City Line ballot called


That we note the current live ballot mandate to protect our members and travelling public from the company’s cavalier approach to detrainment is about to expire due to
the government anti-trades union laws; and that we need to conduct another ballot to assist our members to continue working safely.

RMT Central Line dismissal industrial action suspended

- This is an edited extract of the National Executive Committee's decision. For the full decision or further info please speak to your branch secretary.

That we note the ACAS report from the Lead Officer; and that the Toxicologist attended ACAS today.

The ACAS negotiation team have considered this matter and they and the Lead Officer unanimously recommend that we immediately suspend the strike.

Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to suspend the notified strike action on Friday 21st to Saturday 22nd December 2018, and instruct members to work normally.

RMT suspends Central Line action

RMT suspends Central Line action and accuses LU of ten months of mismanagement that provoked disruption and discontent

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that it has suspended strike action over a sacked driver on the Central Line – due to start tomorrow evening – after the company waited ten months and left it right up to the wire before submitting important new evidence into the talks process. The company's brinkmanship means that the line has suffered ten months of disruption and discontent as a result of their mismanagement of a highly sensitive case.

RMT prepares ground for ballot of all drivers to defend unfairly sacked brother Bailey

That we note that the recent meeting of Train Operator Industrial Reps required a combine wide Train Operators ballot following numerous demands from other branches across the tube combine for re-instatement of Bro Paul Bailey.

We instruct the General Secretary to prepare a ballot matrix of all Train Operators and Operator Instructors across all lines on the London Underground combine, and to ensure an effective dispute escalation campaign is undertaken in preparation including: