RMT Platform Newsletter

Nominations open for LU MATS Rep

Roy Carey has recently stood down from the role of MATS Rep for Tfl No.1 & LU MATS Branch on 11th May 2015.

The Branch has elected DTSM Lorna Tooley in the interim

We would like to open this position for nominations (for MATS LU Operational grades only)

The nominee must be in attendance at the next meeting to be held on 8th June 5pm at The Crown Pub, 108 Blackfriars Roadd, London SE1 8HW

Please notify Branch Secretary Paul Rutland or Branch Chair Linda Wiles

RMT Platform Newsletter April 2014

Talks reveal cuts will affect all station staff. LU remains determined to cut 953 jobs and won’t guarantee to protect wages. It’s time to strike again!

In this edition:

  • Why we need to keep fighting.....
  • Q&A
  • Everyone stands to lose: lowest grades could lose most
  • Reasonable adjustments?

Latest edition of RMT Platform

Read the latest edition of rmtplatform
Unions force management to reveal extent of cuts plans affecting every grade. LU isn’t budging yet....
Get ready to strike again!
Talks give us 5 reasons to keep fighting
-Huge scale displacements
-Lower grades disadvantaged
-more work. less customer service
- fewer front line staff

please download, print and display in your workplace

RMT Platform Newsletter March 2014

The March 2014 edition of 'RMT Platform' for tube station workers is now available. In this edition:

  • Union Action Pauses Cuts and Closures Plan - But the Fight Goes On
  • Be Prepared To Strike Again
  • The issues RMT has raised in talks so far
  • Join The Campaign
  • Embankment Ticket Office Closed

November RMT Platform Issue

The latest RMT platform newsletter is attached. Please download, print and display at your work place.
There are details of the recruitment day, meeting at Stratfrod at 1000 on 29th Novemeber.
This month we highlight the start of the SS grade defence campaign, how we need to organise our strategy to defend our jobs, terms and conditions.

There are also issues from around the combine.
If you have a story or article you wish to have in the next rmtplatform please let us know and we will include it for you. See rmtplatform for contact details.

Olympic Special Stations And Revenue Newsletter

The deal secured by your union guarantees the existing protection of the framework agreement. The RMT alone argued that we were already being asked to work hard enough without selling any hard won protection for a few quid. If you feel that you have been asked to work outside of this agreement or been treated unfavourably then advise your local RMT rep who will take it up immediately . Remember that the framework agreement is there for a reason, it protects our safety, welfare and future at work.You have a right and a responsibility to refuse any duty which breaks that agreement. Only a fool breaks the twelve hour rule.

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RMT Platform April 2012

Here is the latest edition of RMTPlatform, articles include support for our comrades in the Tubelines dispute and LUL`s disgraceful renege on the casualisation dispute resolution on the Bakerloo line
Support Tube Lines
Fight for
and Passes

RMT Platform Feb 2012

Please find attached the latest copy of RMT Platform .Download and print copies for your messrooms and union noticeboards. Read about how the Revenue & Station Grades are working for the memebrs and how and where you can get involved.Its your union,its important for you to have your say.

RMT Platform

Click on the attachment to read the latest edition of RMTPlatform.

Included in this edition are LULs plans to have station staff flogging their guts out 24/7 for a few measly quid?
Thankfully ASLE&F we are not!!
The RMT have turned down flat this insulting and divisive offer.

Also read some questions you may wish Mr Browns boys to answer when taken to Stratford for your indoctrination/fit for work gathering.* delete as appropriate