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RMT Upfront - ballot result means we are ready to fight

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for RMT train drivers on London Underground.

This edition looks at the cuts and attacks that management may attempt, and how we are ready collectively to fight back for our jobs, pensions and agreements.

  • Please download, print and distribute this newsletter in your train crew accomodation.

RMT Upfront - Night Tube dispute update

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for London Underground train drivers, produced by RMT activists. Please download and distribute it in your train crew accomodation.

In this edition:

  • Jobs
  • Progress to be tracked; dispute is not settled
  • Congratulations to the members
  • Decision to suspend
  • General Secretaries' update



Newsletter: conditions, framework agreements and pensions under attack

  • Please download the attached Newsletter to read. You can also distribute in your London Underground workplace.

LU quietly announced last week that our terms and conditions, framework agreements and pensions are under scrutiny: On 22 July, at an all union meeting LU management made clear they have entirely accepted the Tories’ terms - that tube workers, and not the government must make up for the massive budget deficit caused by the pandemic.

RMT Upfront: ACAS Update

Upfront is the London Underground train drivers' newsletter from the RMT. In this edition we respond to some of management's misleading claims over our 'abolition of Night Tube grade' dispute, and also there's is an ACAS update which follows the latest meeting which was on the 21st of July.

Please download the attached newsletter to read it. You can also print and display it in your depot.

Upfront Newsletter July 2021 Strike Special

  • Please download the attached newsletter and display it in your depot.


The RMT has announced strike dates in our dispute over the abolition of the Night Tube grade. RMT demanded LUL pause their attack on our members jobs and work life balance but it has unfortunately fallen on deaf ears.

A packed meeting of driver reps and members agreed that the only option now is to name industrial action to bring LU management to their senses.

ABM Cleaners News: we can win in-house employment

- download the attached leaflet and display it wherever ABM Cleaners work on London Underground

Why join RMT?
To win change, we need to unite in a collective organisation. Our strength is in numbers. TfL and ABM cannot run the job without us: it’s cleaners - not senior managers - who ensure stations, trains, depots, and office buildings are safely cleaned for other staff and passengers to use every day. Joining a union is the best way of organising our collective power.