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Olympic Special Stations And Revenue Newsletter

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Olympics bonus
The deal secured by your union guarantees the existing protection of the framework agreement. The RMT alone argued that we were already being asked to work hard enough without selling any hard won protection for a few quid. If you feel that you have been asked to work outside of this agreement or been treated unfavourably then advise your local RMT rep who will take it up immediately . Remember that the framework agreement is there for a reason, it protects our safety, welfare and future at work.You have a right and a responsibility to refuse any duty which breaks that agreement. Only a fool breaks the twelve hour rule.

Fair and consistent
This is one of LU's core values and yet your functional council has received rather worrying reports of exactly the opposite. It seems that in their desperation to keep stations open some DSM's have tried to force certain members to break the framework. If this has happened to you or you feel that you have been treated
differently to your colleagues then we need to know about it. The RMT is a fighting union and will not accept mistreatment of ANY of our members, whether established or on probation.

Ballot for action short of strike
As part of our 2008 Casualisation dispute settlement, it was agreed that only fully trained, qualified,
licensed staff that are familiarised to a CSA level would be counted towards minimum staffing levels. This does not include ICSAs who are administrative staff given inadequate training and only work on stations

LUL have broken this agreement so we are forced to take action. During the Olympics, management will pull out all the stops to avoid station closures. LU has given only the bare minimum of training to Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSAs), but insist that ICSAs will be counted towards minimum numbers to keep stations open. This undermines CSAs' training, licences and long-term job security.

To even suggest that ICSAs' minimal training gives them anywhere near the levels of skill and experience of our station staff members running the railway is not only insulting to established staff but potentially dangerous. The RMT will not accept this dilution of safety and job security and are asking all station staff to refuse to cooperate in any way with the counting of ICSAs towards minimum numbers. For full details see the executive decision at http://www.rmtlondoncalling.org.uk or for advice specific to your grade and location speak to your local health and safety rep or call safety council secretary, Ross Marshall on 07401144419.

The next Stations grades meeting is this Thursday, 26th, at the Exmouth arms, Euston at 1430. All members welcome so come along, take part, and have your say!