Olympics and Paralympics 2012

RMT Calls For Urgent Discussion Over Missing Bonus Payment

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd attempting to justify the non-payment of the end-of-year £100 CSS bonus to staff. None of the documentation provided by the company shows this union agreeing to, or even being advised of, this policy.

We instruct the General Secretary to table this for urgent discussion at LUL Company Council and to seek the support of the other LUL trade unions for the restoration of this £100 stolen from our members by their employer.

RMT Appalled By Poor Pay Rise Offered To TfL Members; Following No Olympic Bonus

We note the report from our representatives’ meeting, and are appalled that many of our members have received an RPI-only pay rise for this year while their workmates on both TfL and LUL have received RPI+0.5%. This adds insult to the injury of having received no Olympics payment.

We note that RMT rejected this pay deal but that other trade unions agreed it.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

  • raise this issue with TfL as a matter of urgency, and escalate it through the machinery as far as is necessary

Tube Staff Denied Customer Satisfaction Bonus After Olympic Year

We note the responses on file from our admin grade members, who are dissatisfied with LUL’s implementation of its Olympic reward policy. We further note that there is no copy on file of the letter to LUL instructed by our decision of 12 December 2012, and instruct the General Secretary to place in front of us this letter and any reply received.

RMT Pursues Issue Of Olympic Payment To Admin Grades

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd, which merely tells us the structure of 'rewards' for admin staff, not the level at which they were paid out in recognition of the extra workload during the Olympics.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to write again to LUL, asking specifically: what opportunity it gave staff to nominate; how many nominations were received; and how many awards of each category were granted.

Olympic Recognition and Reward At APD To Be Pursued Further And London Underground Administration Grades Reward To Be Reviewed

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd concerning the industrial action by our members in the Power and Electrical Department – APD Stations Group and the response from our representative. We instruct the General Secretary to reply to LUL, explaining that this matter is not resolved to our satisfaction, and to arrange the attendance of the relevant officer at further discussions with the employer.

RMT Pays Tribute To Public Transport Staff For Olympic & Paralympic Success

“The successful transportation of the millions of extra passenger journeys each day is a testament to the skill and dedication of the workforce" - Bob Crow

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today paid tribute to the thousands of public transport staff in London and beyond who have been central to the delivery of the successful Olympics and Paralympics.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“This has been a fantastic summer of sport for Britain and as well as the success in the medals tables we have also delivered on the biggest transport challenge that London has ever faced."

APD Stations Group Power and Electrical Department To Take Industrial Action

We are seriously concerned that this [change to shifts] ...could lead to members working more days or longer hours. - Bob Crow

From General Secretary Bob CrowFrom General Secretary Bob Crow

It has been brought to our attention that London Underground are in breach of the spirit of our Olympic Agreement in terms of the rostering arrangements within the APD Stations Group Power and Electrical Department.

Having consulted with the local branch and representatives, the General Grades Committee has decided to call our members who work as Electricians, Senior Technicians, Team Leaders and Work Controllers within the APD Stations Group Power and Electrical Department to take the following industrial action short of a strike.

Not to work any overtime from 06.00 hours on Friday 7th September 2012 until 23.59 hours on Sunday 9th September 2012

London Underground Casualisation Leafter For Tube passengers

An important message from RMT to London Underground passengers.

During the Olympics London Underground has been counting volunteers among the number of safety-trained staff needed legally to keep Tube stations open, putting everyone concerned at risk. See overleaf to see how YOU can help us to stop this abuse.

During the Olympics, London Underground has been using volunteers to help out with the additional crowds using the Tube.