Olympics and Paralympics 2012

Olympics payments for all drivers and trainee drivers

At an Olympics Implementation meeting today, RMT Trains Functional reps got an assurance from London Underground management that all drivers who are in the grade on the 26th of July 2012 will be paid the £500 bonus and £20 a day attendance allowance regardless of duties worked.

Any driver still in training and not passed out by the 26th of July will still get the £500 payment. The payment, however will not appear in the August 8th pay packet, but will be in September’s pay.

RMT To Ballot For Action Short Of Strike At LU As Union Believes Use Of Under-Trained Volunteers During Olympics Risks Safety


We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and reiterate our opposition to the counting of ICSAs towards minimum staffing numbers for stations, as this:

  • puts passengers and staff at risk by putting the safe running of stations in the hands of minimally-trained volunteers
  • is dangerous at all times, but especially during periods of heavy congestion eg the Olympics
  • breaches the settlement of our Casualisation dispute in 2008

RMT To Ballot LUL Members For Action Short Of Strike Over Olympic Dispute Regarding Agreements Being Broken

"our members who wish to adhere to agreements made by this union may require the additional protection of ‘action short of strikes’ to defend their right to do so"

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and the problems experienced recently with London Underground’s apparent failure to adhere to our Olympics agreement. We hope that these problems will be resolved.

However, should they not be resolved, our members who wish to adhere to agreements made by this union may require the additional protection of ‘action short of strikes’ to defend their right to do so despite agreements made by other unions.

Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council Staff Side Update June 2012

From RMT & TSSA representatives on the Stations And Revenue Control Safety Council

Multi OLBI’S Sites (station back up power)

Rule book 12, emergency response to power failure - “Where a station has more than one OLBI, it might not be needed to shut the whole station to customers. If any part of the station which is not covered by the defective OLBI can be closed to customers, then the rest of the station may be able to remain open”.

TfL Staff To Take Industrial Action Over Olympic Working Dispute

Branches are advised that the recent ‘Yes’ vote in the above ballot has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and has made the following decision:-

“In accordance with the wishes of our TfL no.1 branch, we instruct members to take industrial action as follows:

  • not to book on for any duties starting after 21:30 on Sunday 1st July 2012, returning to duties starting after 21:30 on Monday 2nd July 2012

Olympics Chiefs Exclude London Taxis From Disabled Transport Planning

TAXI UNION RMT today demanded that Olympics chiefs take a fresh look at their transport arrangements for the entire games period and that they factor in the crucial role that could be played by London’s existing fleet of licensed taxis

The “Get Ahead of the Games” site talks about the disabled accessing public transport but excludes the one vehicle that is fully "on demand" and disability ready, the London Taxi.

Bob Crow Writes To London Underground To Set Out Our Stance On Tube Olympic Agreement

"RMT have made it very clear therefore that no member should be forced to breach the current framework agreement if they so choose." - Bob Crow

.I write in response to your letter dated 30th May 2012, in which you raise concerns over a copy an RMT newsletter for RMT Train Operators. In addition I am most concerned and alarmed that a copy of our correspondence has been made available to appear in ASLEF newsletter dated 1 st June 2012. I shall respond to the points you have raised in turn:-

RMT Warns Of “massive Impact” On Tube And Train Services As Bus Workers Prepare To Strike Over Olympics Payments

"It is a scandal that this group of fellow transport workers have been kicked in the teeth by TFL and the bus companies when it comes to a fair reward for the extra work load generated by the Olympics" - Bob Crow

TUBE AND RAIL UNION RMT warned today of a “massive impact” on services on Friday as millions of passengers try to find alternative means of travel as a result of the bus workers strike for Olympics pay justice.

This morning, Central Line services were again reduced to chaos due to a signal failure at Liverpool Street as the harsh reality that the network can barely cope with routine demand after successive waves of cuts to maintenance and staffing, let alone a surge in passenger numbers from either the bus workers action or the Olympics, was laid bare.

RMT Early Day Motions On Taxi Issues

RMT’s Parliamentary group has submitted Early Day Motions on three issues that are very important to our taxi driver members.

Please take a couple of minutes to contact your MP to urge him/her to sign these motions. This will help our campaigns to defend our taxi driver members’ livelihoods (as well as helping the environment, congestion reduction and public safety!).

EDM59 – London Taxis and the Olympic Route Network

That this House notes the inevitable pressures on London's transport network throughout the Olympic Games; further notes that the Olympic Route Network is an important component of transport plans for the Olympics;

RMT Rebuts 'Perverse Misinterpretation' Of Olympic Deal By London Underground

"We will not accept London Underground reneging on our agreement nor any other organisation"

We note the correspondence from London Underground, which poses a perverse misinterpretation of the agreement we reached at ACAS, and which has been circulated widely to LU train drivers by ASLEF. We instruct the General Secretary to reply to this letter, giving a detailed rebuttal of its contents, and to circularise this reply to our representatives.

We note the General Secretary’s efforts to arrange an immediate return to ACAS to enforce our agreement.