Olympics Chiefs Exclude London Taxis From Disabled Transport Planning

TAXI UNION RMT today demanded that Olympics chiefs take a fresh look at their transport arrangements for the entire games period and that they factor in the crucial role that could be played by London’s existing fleet of licensed taxis

The “Get Ahead of the Games” site talks about the disabled accessing public transport but excludes the one vehicle that is fully "on demand" and disability ready, the London Taxi.

The London Taxi has a hearing loop linked into the driver’s intercom, it has brightly coloured seat edges, handles and door trims for the visually impaired, the London Taxi is fitted with a step and a swivel seat and a ramp for wheelchair users. Taxi drivers are trained to DVLA and TFL standards in the placement and fitting of wheelchairs, in the vehicle.

RMT taxi branch argues that it is a nonsense that such dedicated vehicles with their skilled and trained staff have been excluded from the disability transport plan for the Olympics and Paralympics.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“Why is it in all the plans and websites for the games that the iconic London Taxi, used to promote the London Olympic bid, has been excluded from transporting able-bodied and disabled passengers around London including journeys to and from the Olympic site?

“It is extraordinary that there has been such a chronic lack of Taxi involvement in the Olympic transport planning process right through from the banning of these accessible and safe vehicles from the Olympic Route Network through to the strategy for assisting those with disabilities.

“Even at this late stage we would urge Boris Johnson and his officials to think again and not only show some support for London’s taxi drivers but also allow them to play a full part in delivering a successful games

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