Olympics and Paralympics 2012

RMT London Calling newsletter: Olympics special no.2

Updated on 26th July - please ensure you are using the latest version

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the new issue of our 'RMT London Calling' newsletter, our second Olympics special, reporting on: Olympics agreements won by RMT so far; strikes by cleaners, bike hire and TfL staff; action short of strikes on London Underground; the Olympics security crisis; and more.

Cleaners & Supporters Right To Protest Curtailed

We note the report on the problems experienced in holding a demonstration on 27 July as instructed by the GGC on 19 July. We are appalled that the right to protest is being curtailed under the pretext of a sporting event, and that the Olympic area is designated ‘private property’ when the Olympics is a major public event funded by public money.

We note the ongoing efforts to identify alternative venues for a demonstration and instruct the General Secretary to place a report in front of us once an alternative is identified.

Cleaners Strike Posters

Posters have been created for the upcoming cleaners strike.

Please place them in union noticeboards and distribute them as appropriate. You can download them both via the attachments below.

Read More about the cleaners struggle for a London Living Wage here.

Cleaners Strike Picket Lines

From RMT London Transport Regional Organiser Steve Hedley

Dear colleagues,

Cleaners and security guards some on as little as £6.09 per hour are fighting for a living wage and Olympic recognition payments.

There will be two days of strike action beginning on 0530 am on Friday 27th July. Three companies are in dispute Carlisle (cleaners and security) on the DLR, ISS and Initial cleaners on London Underground.

RMT Secures £680 Olympics Payment, Pay Increases And Harmonisation Upgrades For Rail Signalling Contractors

PLANNED INDUSTRIAL action at signalling technology contractor Thales has been halted as a result of a massive breakthrough on pay, harmonisation and Olympics payments secured by RMT negotiators on the back of a 95% vote for action amongst the members.

Following the overwhelming mandate for strike action RMT has now secured agreements covering harmonisation, pay, shift allowances and Olympics payments of up to £680.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

Rates Of Pay & Conditions Of Service 2011 – Initial (LU Contract)

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

I write further to my letter dated 19th July 2012 in which I informed you of the result of the ballot regarding the above matter.

You and your colleagues are all congratulated for returning a very strong YES vote for industrial action and proving your determination to fight for better pay and conditions. Management must also be clear on the fact that they cannot just ignore the impact the Olympics games will have on your working life.

Rates Of Pay & Conditions Of Service Industrial Action At Initial And ISS

From General Secretary Bob Crow

Rates Of Pay & Conditions Of Service 2011 – Initial (LUL Contract) & Rates Of Pay & Conditions Of Service 2012 – ISS (LUL Contract)

As you may be aware, RMT members working for both Initial and ISS on London Underground have recently been balloted for strike action and industrial action short of a strike. This dispute is over the fact that these members who provide a vital service on London Underground are constantly exploited by these Companies

Olympic Recognition And Reward TfL (LU) And London Underground’s Breaches Of Casualisation Dispute Settlement

"RMT members are instructed not to co-operate in any way with the counting of Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSAs) towards the minimum number of staff on duty" - Bob Crow

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to advise members that following the closing of both ballots for industrial action short of a strike the General Grades Committee has considered the situation and decided to call the following industrial action.

Olympic Recognition and Reward Dispute

Despite reaching agreement over the Olympic payment arrangements we continue to have problems with the implementation of the agreement. Therefore all LUL members are instructed to take the following industrial action short of a strike.

RMT Confirms Olympics Payments Action At South West Trains, TfL And Serco Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme

The Cycle Hire Scheme action is suspended following an offer - more details here.

The dates for the TfL action have been changed - more details here.

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today confirmed industrial action on South West Trains, Serco "Boris Bikes" and TFL in continuing disputes over Olympics recognition and reward.

Cleaners Protest At Stratford Station

RMT cleaners will be holding a protest joined by General Secretary Bob Crow outside of Stratford Station at midday on the day of the Olympic Opening Ceremony - 27th July.

Cleaners will be protesting for a London Living wage and Olympic Bonus. These are the workers who will be clearing up after up to a million extra passengers have travelled each day on London's public transport during the Olympic period.