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News, reports and information for RMT members in London Underground's manager and administration grades. LUL managers are in TfL branch. Read more TfL branch related stories here.

Skills Development Transformation

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On Monday 20/11/17, your reps were due to meet with London Underground to begin Transformation consultation. Unfortunately, the company scheduled three meetings on Monday and Skills Development was due to be the third. Despite us raising our concerns that they were not allowing enough time for each meeting, these were ignored to suit the management team consulting on Skills Development.

Operational Admin Transformation

On Monday 20/11/17, your reps met with London Underground to begin Transformation consultation. The company did not schedule enough time for a meaningful meeting to take place, however we were able to look over a slideshow, which was a condensed version of the business case.

Establishment Planning Transformation

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On Monday 20/11/17, your reps met with London Underground to begin Transformation consultation. The meeting was less productive than we would have liked because management had reneged on agreed information that they were to share with us, as well as not sticking to the agreed agenda, including what we view as them trying to stop us having time to meet our members who are in scope.

Transformation Consultation to Begin

Today (16/11/17) your reps met with London Underground management to receive a briefing on Transformation across all work streams in scope. This meeting was requested by the unions to understand the rationale behind Transformation and establish the form that the consultation will take, as well as seeking a real commitment from the company that the consultation will be thorough and meaningful. 


Transformation Consultation

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Your RMT reps met today (13/11/17) with London Underground for the first consultation meeting for the latest phase on Transformation. We raised various issues with them including


  • Needing clarity on who is in overall charge of the process as each work stream has been assigned a different lead manager

  • Why ex Tube Lines as well as Fleet and Signals reps have been excluded from the consultation

Latest Transformation Announced

This morning (7th November) LU are announcing their latest wave of job reorganisations under Transformation. They have made clear from the start their feelings towards the RMT and the other unions. We have only been sent their proposals this morning, minutes before the first staff briefings began. 

There are many staff briefings taking place today and your reps will be at as many meetings as possible, although the same briefings are happening at the same time in different locations. So if you don't see us at yours, don't worry, we will have received the same information. 

Admin Customer Charter

At the latest MATS Functional Council (21/09/17), we raised issues around the Admin Customer Charter. To confirm, the document available is only a draft and has not been agreed by the unions. Management confirmed that this document is NOT to be used as a performance measure or in disciplinary action. They claim it is only guidance.