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News, reports and information for RMT members in London Underground's manager and administration grades. LUL managers are in TfL branch. Read more TfL branch related stories here.

TOSM change to T&Cs

We have now received legal advice that the changes to trains management DO constitute a change to TOSM terms and conditions. Any TOSM who believes they will be unfairly impacted by the changes to trains management are advised to contact their rep for further advice on the next steps to take. The RMT remain in dispute with London Underground on this issue and ballot papers will be arriving soon. You are advised to vote YES for strike action and action short of strike 

Tube managers to be balloted over 'development centers'


Further to my previous Circular (IR/337/16, 10th November 2016), regarding London Underground’s proposal to remove the DTSM and TOSM grades and replace them with a new grade called Trains Manager, a Reps meeting has taken place and discussions with LUL are on-going in relation to proposed pay bands, locations and other matters. 

Trains Management Update

Your reps met again with the company on Wednesday (23/11/16), where we finally were given answers to some of the many questions we raised at the start of October. The discussions centred around the impact on our members, particulary the issues of pay, pensions and severence.

My Experience of Trains Management Development Centre

When the company announced that all DTSMs and TOSMs would have to attend a Development Centre as part of our roles changing, your union reps asked if they could attend the pilot event as observers. This request was denied and myself and another rep were booked on the first session so that we could see what they were like and advise our members. 

Update on Trains Management

Today myself and reps from the other Trade Unions again met with London Underground management to provide initial feedback and questions in response to the proposals made last week. I tabled 35 questions and comments and the other unions fully supported these, as well as making a number of additional points. For the RMT, the biggest issues will be the threat to pensions if the company's proposals over pay capping are allowed to happen and needing the company to guarantee a process of preferencing for locations.