Operational Admin Transformation

On Monday 20/11/17, your reps met with London Underground to begin Transformation consultation. The company did not schedule enough time for a meaningful meeting to take place, however we were able to look over a slideshow, which was a condensed version of the business case.

As with all work streams under Transformation, the number of staff in scope and number of reduced roles has been presented to us with a different figure on each communication we receive from the company. We have asked for clarification on this, as well as the number of vacancies across the network, the numbers of positions being filled on secondment or by non-permanent labour, so we can understand how many actual roles are going.

We asked what the rationale was for splitting the two roles and the company responded that staff have asked for it, which is news to us. Whilst we have been asking for many years to address the issue of cover for admin staff when they are off, this is not what we had in mind and we disputed the company’s claim that be cutting staff numbers and expecting less people to do more work, that would make the business ‘more resilient’. They admitted that the driving force behind the Transformation was to save money.

We also briefly raised concerns about the proposed locations, people with flexible working or disabilities, as well as how good relationships will be maintained with local staff.


Unfortunately there was no more time for further discussion at this initial meeting. We will be hosting drop in sessions with our members soon and details will be forwarded to you once this has been arranged. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to get in touch.