Transformation Consultation to Begin

Today (16/11/17) your reps met with London Underground management to receive a briefing on Transformation across all work streams in scope. This meeting was requested by the unions to understand the rationale behind Transformation and establish the form that the consultation will take, as well as seeking a real commitment from the company that the consultation will be thorough and meaningful. 


Management presented us their reasoning behind Transformation, which they've outlined in more detail in each business case. They stated that the drive behind this was to make the business more efficient, to embrace new technology and that the cut in the government funding, as well as a reduction in revenue has put them under financial pressure. However, when we asked how much money they intended to save through this Transformation, they were unable to offer a figure. 


During the discussion that followed we ensured management committed to continuing best practice in health & safety, as well as agreeing that there is a budget available for training required in new roles. We expressed concern that by moving people into multifunctional roles in the future, this will increase their workload. Management stated that staff have asked for this to happen. 


We also expressed our deep concern that our members are not being given access to the level of representation they deserve. Management have scheduled so many meetings that if we were to stick to their timetable, we would not be able to visit our members in scope. This is not acceptable to us and it is a priority that we are able to hold drop in seasons for all staff in scope, at locations convenient to them, at times convenient to them, including our members who work permanent nights. 


We have asked management to remind staff that the consultation period is a MINIMUM of 90 days and it will take longer if we cannot reach an agreement that our members are happy with within that period. 


We also asked why staff were invited to briefings before this information was available to your reps and meeting between management and the unions had been scheduled. Management responded that they did not have to give us this information in advance. They also stated that they will not be using the machinery of negotiation for the consultation process, which means that they will deny us any ability to formally register failures to agree or escalate concerns. This, in our view, certainly does not constitute meaningful consultation. 


Your reps, along with the other unions, had to fight with management just to have this meeting. We are fully committed to engaging with the company to get the best outcome for our members. We will not rush this through. Next week we will be attending all of the initial consultation meetings and will update you on their outcomes as well as arranging drop in sessions for you to attend. 


We are keen for as much feedback as possible from our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your rep or your RMT Branch