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Today (17/11/17), your reps met with LU to begin Transformation consultation. We were shown a presentation, which was a condensed version of the business case and we gave some initial feedback and questions to the company.


  • We asked how the pay bands will be determined and how will the company decide where people fall within pay bands. We asked if Hay scores would be used.

The company responded that they would not talk to us about pay, that they haven't completed Job Descriptions and also threatened that use of Hay scores could lower people's pay! They also said that they wanted to use the TfL model of "Role Families" to determine pay. We firmly reminded them that our members work on London Underground contracts and we do not recognise this method of determining pay

  • We asked how jobs could be standardised, yet also flexible and how they envisioned that and also what the rationale was behind pooling. We argued that expecting more work from less people is not fair or resilient.

They responded that they did not believe people would be doing more work and that having one job description across the company was the fairest thing to do, regardless of the tasks that individuals would be expected to do. Their rationale was "fairness" and "affordability".

  • We queried why more people were in scope compared to 10 days ago, why they have sent letters to the wrong people and with vacancies, how many actual roles will be lost

The company responded that people asked to be included because they felt they should be in scope! They apologised for sending letters to the wrong people, to people not in scope, as well as not sending letters to people in scope. They assured us that everyone who is in scope has now received their letter. We have a list of those in scope, so if you are unsure, please contact your rep.

  • We asked about people on maternity leave and whether their jobs would be kept open for them, as per the law

The company's response was vague and we have asked them to respond formally

  • It was asked about inconsistency of voluntary severance offers to different grades

The company stated that staff currently in Band 3 positions, are not doing work at that level and it is not their intention to offer voluntary severance to additional grades

  • We asked how people who are still on Alsthom and Tube Lines contracts will have their grades determined - the company will respond to us formally


We will be meeting with LU again next week and will be arranging drop in sessions for you to attend in the following week. You should be released from work to attend these. In the meantime, if you have any comments or questions, please contact your RMT rep.