Establishment Planning Transformation
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On Monday 20/11/17, your reps met with London Underground to begin Transformation consultation. The meeting was less productive than we would have liked because management had reneged on agreed information that they were to share with us, as well as not sticking to the agreed agenda, including what we view as them trying to stop us having time to meet our members who are in scope.

We eventually were presented with a slideshow, which was a condensed version of the full business case. The numbers of people in scope and roles being lost differed on this slideshow from in the business case, as well as from the formal letter the company sent to the unions. We stressed to them the importance of getting these numbers right, as each of those numbers represent real people. We further requested a list of vacancies, how many roles are being filled with secondees and non-permanent labour, so we know the actual number of roles that they are proposing to lose. The company argued that they do not have an establishment figure for staff in this area, which we do not agree with.

They did however say that no Band 1 or Band 2 staff would be in scope, which we welcome. If anyone believes this is not true, please contact your rep as a matter of urgency.


We will be hosting drop in sessions with our members soon and details will be forwarded to you once this has been arranged. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to get in touch.