Morden and Oval branch

Includes London Underground station and revenue staff on the southern half of the Northern Line, plus drivers at Morden depot

Defend Arwyn Thomas

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There was standing room only in the large function room at Ganleys in Morden. A packed branch / strike meeting kicked off the campaign to defend long standing RMT activist Arwyn Thomas from disciplinary charges following allegations made against him by strike breakers. Morden train operator Arwyn Thomas has been a NUR/RMT member for over 29 years.

Emergency resolution: Stop victimisations

This resolution, submitted by Morden & Oval and seconded by Camden 3, was carried unanimously at the October meeting of the Regional Council.

This Regional Council deplores the disciplinary action being taken against Arwyn Thomas, a dedicated and long-serving activist of this union. We fully support the call for industrial action on the Northern Line in support of Arwyn. We also support the campaigns against victimisation of other reps, including Eamonn Lynch and Peter Hartshorn.

Resolution: London Underground Attendance Policy

This resolution, submitted by Morden & Oval branch and amended by Finsbury Park branch, was passed unanimously by October's Regional Council meeting.

This Regional Council notes that management are pressurising members to sign agreements regarding their attendance performance. This has led to our members who have failed to meet this attendance target level being dismissed.

The Regional Council reaffirms its opposition to management's attendance policy.

Bus Driver Test Fiddle Gang Imprisoned

A gang of First employees took more than £200,000 in bribes to let dozens of unqualified drivers drive buses. The men worked at First's Marsh Lane depot in Tottenham. They would charge between £1,500 and £2,500 to supply bogus test certificates and paperwork. Many of those who paid could not even speak English or even understand road signs.