Morden and Oval branch

Includes London Underground station and revenue staff on the southern half of the Northern Line, plus drivers at Morden depot

Bus Reps Course, 26-27th Feb 2009

A two day Bus Reps course took place in central London on thursday 26th and friday 27th february 2009. It was well attended by very enthusiastic and motivated volunteers. The course will help them to assist fellow members at their workplaces. If you are an RMT London Busworker and are interested in going on a course, please contact your branch secretary. If you are not sure about who to contact, you can find the information on the RMT website or call the RMT freephone helpline 0800 376 3706.

Train Operator’s pay stopped after eye operation!

Merry Christmas from Morden Management

A Morden train operator has had his pay stopped because he has had an eye operation for a detached retina. If this condition had not been treated he would have lost the eyesight in his right eye.

Management tried to force Bob to come back to work on alternative duties. Bob declined this offer, the operation was successful and he was recovering at the expected timescale.