Morden and Oval branch

Includes London Underground station and revenue staff on the southern half of the Northern Line, plus drivers at Morden depot

Northern Line Upgrade Training Information

Northern Line Training Latest from Trains Health And Safety Council

Local Reps met with Trains Health and Safety Council and Trains Functional Council representatives and RMT Head Office to formulate RMT concerns over training and delivery of any agreed training.

Training Course: That initial feedback be received in a positive manner to help improve and tailor the course to meet t/ops needs.

Scheduled for Tuesday 2nd Oct....... Update ASAP

Practical Training:

London Underground Refuses to Reinstate Arwyn Thomas: RMT to Step Up Action

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we are appalled that following the agreement we reached with London Underground last week, LU has instructed its lawyers not to discuss re-employing Arwyn Thomas, and instead to discuss only a financial settlement.

This is despite an Employment Tribunal having awarded Arwyn interim relief, finding that he was unfairly dismissed due to his trade union activities and asking LU to reinstate him. The only way to put right the injustice of Arwyn's dismissal is to reverse it, by Arwyn returning to work as a London Underground driver.

RMT 'Disgust' at London Underground's Confirmation of Arwyn Thomas Sacking; More Campaigning Planned

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note with disappointment and disgust that London Underground's directors' review has upheld the sacking of Arwyn Thomas. This is despite the fact that the Employment Tribunal awarded Arwyn Interim Relief and found that LU had sacked him unfairly due to his trade union activities. It is appalling that LU apparently feels that it is above the law, and that Tribunals does not have the power to compel an employer to re-employ a worker sacked unfairly.

MPs Back Our Fight for Reinstatement of Reps

“I am appalled that London Underground are refusing to reinstate Arwyn Thomas and Eamonn Lynch, when the Employment Tribunal has already ruled that their dismissal was discriminatory because of their trade union activities. It is vital that we stand up for our local trade union reps who are in the frontline of protecting workers interests and I fully support the RMT’s political and industrial campaign for justice for Arwyn and Eamonn.”
Jeremy Corbyn MP, Islington North

Further Strikes for Eamonn and Arwyn

RMT's General Grades Committee has taken the following decisions to call further strikes:

Dismissal of Eamonn Lynch

In line with the request of our Bakerloo Line branch, all members at Queen’s Park and Elephant & Castle traincrew depots are instructed not to book on for any duty that commences between 21:00 hours on Sunday 20 February and 20:59 hours on Monday 21 February.

This date to remain confidential until notice is served.

That we seek talks with the employer under the auspices of ACAS with the aim of resolving this dispute.

RMT wins second interim hearing over victimisation of LU train operator on grounds of trade union activities

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded an end to London Undergound’s campaign of bullying and harassment of union activists as the organisation won a second “interim relief” hearing at the Employment Tribunal in Croydon yesterday in the case of sacked Northern Line train operator Arwyn Thomas.

Striking Back Against Victimisation

RMT drivers on the Bakerloo line and at the Northern line's Morden depot are today striking against the unjust sackings of workmates Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas. The first photo is of pickets at Eleplant & Castle, the other three of pickets at Morden. To read more information about these sackings, please click on the 'Opposing victimisation' link above.

elephant and castle picket
morden picket

Picket details: Bakerloo and Morden drivers' strikes

In two separate disputes, RMT drivers will be striking on the Bakerloo and Northern lines, starting with the night duties on Friday 14 January and continuing all day Saturday.

Please join the picket lines. Your support will be welcome, whatever length of time you can stay. Here are details of Saturday pickets

  • Saturday from 04:30, continuing all day - Morden depot (to get there by bus, click here)