RMT 'Disgust' at London Underground's Confirmation of Arwyn Thomas Sacking; More Campaigning Planned

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note with disappointment and disgust that London Underground's directors' review has upheld the sacking of Arwyn Thomas. This is despite the fact that the Employment Tribunal awarded Arwyn Interim Relief and found that LU had sacked him unfairly due to his trade union activities. It is appalling that LU apparently feels that it is above the law, and that Tribunals does not have the power to compel an employer to re-employ a worker sacked unfairly.

LU's sacking of Arwyn Thomas - and of Eamonn Lynch - is an attack not just on them personally, but on our trade union and on trade unionism in general.

We note and reaffirm our previous decisions on this issue. In addition, we instruct the General Secretary to:

1. Obtain a calculated estimate of the amount of public money that London Underground has spent and continues to spend on victimising our reps, including: payment of wages to two drivers who are not at work; legal costs; staffing costs; other costs. To publicise this appalling waste of public money, and give examples of how this amount of money could be spent on improving LU's services.

2. Hold a press conference on the day on which Eamonn Lynch's Tribunal result is given (expected to be within the next week). The press conference to include the General Secretary, a member of our Parliamentary group, Eamonn Lynch, Arwyn Thomas, and the GGC member for LT region. The General Secretary to prepare in advance for this press conference, including by producing a suitable banner.

We agree to merge this file, and the file concerning Eamonn Lynch, into the file named VICTIMISATION OF REPS AND ACTIVISTS – LUL.

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