Justice for the 33- Coming to a branch near you

Come to your branch and help with the decision to ballot all LUL members to get all ofthe 33 back to work.
Just before Christmas 2012, 33 RMT members on the north end of the Bakerloo Line were sacked by LUL. Many of them worked for LUL for over 5 years, only to be told they had failed the entrance tests for full time work.
This broke an agreement with the RMT.
The 33 were sacked due to LUL ending theircontract a year early.
It was agreed that the 33 would be migrated into LUL.
It is also clear LUL have colluded with the agencies to rob staff of over £1500.00 each in back pay.
Management on LUL are at the heart of the discrimination against the 33,industrial action may be required to get them justice.
Come and give your support.

Hammersmith & City - 3rd April 1700
Redden Arms, Bayswater

Morden & Oval - 3rd April 1700
Bread & Roses, Clapham

Central Line West - 4th April 1600
Redden Arms, Bayswater

East Ham - 4th April 1700
Barking Dog, Barking