Morden and Oval branch

Includes London Underground station and revenue staff on the southern half of the Northern Line, plus drivers at Morden depot

Drivers on Two Lines to Strike Again in Defence of Sacked Workmates

RMT members on the Bakerloo line and at Morden depot on the Northern line are to strike for 24 hours in two separate disputes about the sacking of colleagues Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

RMT's General Grades Committee has taken the following two decisions:

In line with the request of our Morden and Oval branch, all members at Morden traincrew depot are instructed not to book on for any duty that commences between 21:00 hours on Friday 14 January and 20:59 hours on Saturday 15 January.

Reinstate Eamonn and Arwyn: pickets tonight and tomorrow

In two separate disputes, RMT drivers will be striking on the Bakerloo and Northern lines, starting with the night duties tonight (Friday) and continuing all day tomorrow (Saturday).

Please join the picket lines. Your support will be welcome, whatever length of time you can stay.

  • Friday evening, from 22:00 - Queen's Park depot (to get there on London Overground, click here)
  • Saturday from 04:30, continuing all day - Morden depot (to get there by bus, click here)
  • Saturday from 05:00, continuing all day - Elephant & Castle depot (to get there by bus, click here)
  • Saturday from 05:00, continuing all day - Queen's Park depot (to get there on London Overground, click here)

RMT announces action in two separate disputes over victimisation of underground train operators Eamon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas

IN TWO separate disputes over the victimisation of RMT London Underground activists the union today announced action in support of train operators Eamon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

Result of Ballots for Industrial Action Against Victimisation of Arwyn Thomas

I write to advise branches that the ballot results have been received from the scrutineer and are detailed below for your information.

Morden Traincrew Depot

Are you prepared to strike action?

Votes Cast 59
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 30
Number Voting ‘No’ 29
Spoilt Papers 0

Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?

Votes Cast 59
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 44

Solidarity from SUD-RAIL to Eamonn Lynch and Arwynn Thomas

The RMT received the following message of solidarity from French rail union SUD- RAIL for the the union's campaign to stop the victimisations on the tube:

"French union federation SUD-Rail (SUD for Solidarity, Unity and Democraty) send its full support to RMT activists sacked by London Underground :

- Bakerloo Line driver, Eamon Lynch, RMT health and safety rep,

- Morden driver, Arwyn Thomas, RMT activist.

London Underground must let them work again freely.

Message of Support for Arwyn Thomas

Last night our branch agreed to send a message of solidarity to Arwyn Thomas, his branch and the RMT in the fight to get the charges against Arwyn dropped.

This is a clear attack on the rights of trade unionists to organise and be active in the workplace - an attack on one is an attack on us all, whatever union you are in.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

And please can you pass on this message to Arwyn and his branch

In solidarity

Monica Gort
Branch Secretary UNITE Clerkenwell and St Pancras Community and Not for Profit branch

Defend Arwyn Thomas

ArwynClick '1 attachment' / file name to download this as single-side A4 leaflet (PDF).

There was standing room only in the large function room at Ganleys in Morden. A packed branch / strike meeting kicked off the campaign to defend long standing RMT activist Arwyn Thomas from disciplinary charges following allegations made against him by strike breakers. Morden train operator Arwyn Thomas has been a NUR/RMT member for over 29 years.

Emergency resolution: Stop victimisations

This resolution, submitted by Morden & Oval and seconded by Camden 3, was carried unanimously at the October meeting of the Regional Council.

This Regional Council deplores the disciplinary action being taken against Arwyn Thomas, a dedicated and long-serving activist of this union. We fully support the call for industrial action on the Northern Line in support of Arwyn. We also support the campaigns against victimisation of other reps, including Eamonn Lynch and Peter Hartshorn.

Resolution: London Underground Attendance Policy

This resolution, submitted by Morden & Oval branch and amended by Finsbury Park branch, was passed unanimously by October's Regional Council meeting.

This Regional Council notes that management are pressurising members to sign agreements regarding their attendance performance. This has led to our members who have failed to meet this attendance target level being dismissed.

The Regional Council reaffirms its opposition to management's attendance policy.