RMT wins second interim hearing over victimisation of LU train operator on grounds of trade union activities

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded an end to London Undergound’s campaign of bullying and harassment of union activists as the organisation won a second “interim relief” hearing at the Employment Tribunal in Croydon yesterday in the case of sacked Northern Line train operator Arwyn Thomas.

Interim relief is only ever granted by the Employment Tribunal where there is the clearest possible evidence that an employee has been dismissed on the grounds of their trade union activities. The judge found in favour of Arwyn Thomas and offered the company the opportunity to reinstate but they refused. Arwyn will now be paid by the company as he awaits a full ET hearing in May – wasting yet more time and money on what is the clearest open and shut case of trade union victimisation

In a parallel case, Eamon Lynch, RMT Bakerloo Line drivers’ health and safety rep, has been sacked by LU and although he remains on full pay following the union’s victory on Eamon’s behalf at another interim relief Employment Tribunal hearing the company has shown total contempt for the Tribunal process and again have refused to reinstate. RMT is demanding that both Eamon and Arwyn are reinstated immediately.

In a further victimisation case, Peter Hartshorn, long term union activist on the Piccadilly Line Green Park group has also been summarily dismissed with RMT pledging full support for his campaign for reinstatement.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“With the Judge’s ruling in Arwyn Thomas’s case still ringing in their ears it’s now time for LU managers to wake up and recognise that it is against the law to victimise and sack trade union activists for trade union activities. We are demanding that they call off the campaign of harassment, stop wasting public money and get these RMT members back to work serving Londoners which is what they are being paid to do.

“RMT has run two twenty four strikes on the Bakerloo and Northern lines in support of Eamon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas to try and make the management to see sense and LU now stand accused of forcing disruption on Londoners as their trumped up cases against both men are ripped to shreds

“Instead of harassing our members and activists on trumped up charges the London Underground management should be directing their energies into reaching a settlement to the on-going dispute over tube safety and the dangerous programme of de-staffing stations.”

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