Solidarity from SUD-RAIL to Eamonn Lynch and Arwynn Thomas

The RMT received the following message of solidarity from French rail union SUD- RAIL for the the union's campaign to stop the victimisations on the tube:

"French union federation SUD-Rail (SUD for Solidarity, Unity and Democraty) send its full support to RMT activists sacked by London Underground :

- Bakerloo Line driver, Eamon Lynch, RMT health and safety rep,

- Morden driver, Arwyn Thomas, RMT activist.

London Underground must let them work again freely.

We understood that London Underground sacked them because of their RMT activism or wholly unfair reasons. Sometimes in our companies in France they act that way against union activists or union members. That’s definitely unacceptable and you have SUD-Rail federation fully support for any action you will organize in favour of Eamon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

For SUD-Rail federation,

Emmanuelle Bigot

Frédéric Michel"