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RMT Slams Cable Attack On Workers’ Rights And Warns That Government Is Planning Huge Increase In Social Dumping To Drive Down Pay And Conditions

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today slammed Vince Cables attack on workers’ rights and warned that as well as opening the door to a vicious “hire and fire” culture he is also giving a green light to a massive increase in social dumping that will allow companies to hire in workers from abroad to undermine pay and conditions.

Deaths on driverless Washington DC Metro system expose lethal reality of automation plans for London Underground

TUBE UNION RMT today warned that London Underground are on the verge of plunging the Capitals tube system into the same lethal cocktail of safety cuts and automation that led to nine people being killed on the Washington DC Red Line service just over two years ago.

Today, the TFL Board will discuss a document entitled London Underground's operational vision, which flags up a future of driverless trains and destaffing of platforms and stations to save money.

Tube Management Internal Report Exposes Unprecedented Jobs And Safety Assault

TUBE UNION RMT today released a confidential “Operational Strategy” paper from London Underground which the union says is “a blueprint for jobs and safety carnage.”

Click on the attachments to see RMT' London Calling and LU's confidential 'Operational Strategy' paper.

Media Coverage: LU Plans to Cut Tripcock Testing Frequency

After RMT "blew the whistle" on London Underground's plan to cut the frequency of tripcock testing, there has been significant media coverage of the issue, including:

RMT Launches Campaign And Prepares To Ballot In Fight For Justice For Unfairly Dismissed Tube Driver

TUBE UNION RMT today launched a campaign for the reinstatement of tube driver James Masango who, despite winning by 100% an Employment Tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, has still not been re-engaged by London Underground.

James Masango’s case exposed an appalling litany of mismanagement which resulted in his Tribunal taking the rare step of finding 100% in his favour with not a single shred of evidence that there was any contributory fault on his part. Reinstatement in light of such an overwhelming verdict on his innocence should be automatic.

RMT To Ballot Drivers For Action Over Tube Train Safety

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed this morning that it has begun balloting tube drivers for action short of a strike, in a dispute over safety.

The ballot is over four particular aspects of London Undergrounds Operational Effectiveness Programme which RMT says are unacceptable and potentially dangerous. These are;

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“It is our members who have to deal with the consequences of these ill-conceived policies. We have tried to get LUL to see sense, but they have continued to put cash and job cuts ahead of passenger safety and we now have no choice but to ballot for action to put a stop to these dangerous proposals being imposed without agreement.”

Rmt Demands End Of Rail Job Cuts Threat As Report Warns Of “strong Possibility” Of Norway Style Gun Attack On Transport System

RAIL UNION RMT today called on the Government to “wholly reject” the McNulty Rail Review proposals to axe station-based staff and guards on trains after the union was presented with a stark intelligence report from Southeastern Railways setting out a strategy for dealing with a Mumbai or Norway style “Active Shooter” attack on the railways with a warning that such an attack is a “strong possibility.”

RMT Warns That Central London Will Be “jammed Solid” With Unlicensed And Dangerous Rickshaws As We Head Towards Olympics

TAXI UNION RMT warned today that central London will be “jammed solid” with unlicensed and uninsured rickshaws as we head towards the London Olympics with the authorities refusing to lift a finger to clampdown on the unregulated trade.

RMT London Taxi Branch has a clear position of opposition to rickshaws in London and last month RMT parliamentary group convenor John McDonnell successfully objected to the TFL London Local Authorities Bill at Second Reading - specifically on the grounds that it would lead to the continued proliferation of unlicensed, unsafe rickshaws clogging up central London.