RMT press releases

RMT Announces Industrial Action Ballot On Tube Lines Over Pensions

RMT members at Tube Lines, including ex-Alstom Stratford Market depot staff, are to be balloted for industrial action to back the union’s demand for equal pension and travel-pass rights.

The union is demanding that all Tube Lines staff, including ex-Alstom staff at Stratford Market depot, be allowed to join the TfL Pension Scheme and receive the same travel concessions as those who work for LUL, including former Metronet staff.

RMT Makes International Women's Day Commitment to Tackling Sexism and Inequality

On International Women's Day, rail, maritime and transport union RMT is reaffirming its commitment to tackling sexism and inequality, and warning that the Government's plans for the railways could spell disaster for women passengers and workers.

International Women's Day began in 1911, as a day of protests in support of rights for working-class women. This year, it coincides with the Government's publication of its response to the McNulty report.

RMT Warns Of “Return Of Railtrack” As Government Prepares To Unleash Railways Plan

ON THE EVE of the expected publication of a Government Command Paper on their future plans for rail, RMT has warned that Ministers are preparing to wind back the clock to the days of the Hatfield and Potters Bar disasters and bring in private ownership of rail infrastructure for the first time since the collapse of Railtrack.

Publish Secret Blacklisting “RMT File”

RMT demands publication of the secret “RMT File” from blacklisting organisation as officials confirm police and security service involvement

RAIL UNION RMT today demanded full disclosure of the secret "RMT FILE" held by blacklisting organisation the Consulting Association as evidence mounts of police and security services involvement in the targeting of union activists in the construction and railway industries.

TFL Ballot And LUL Dispute Over Olympics

RMT to ballot for action on TFL over Olympics ban on staff leave and declares dispute with London Underground over Olympics payments

TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that it is to ballot for industrial action on TFL over a ban on staff leave for the duration of the Olympics and has also declared a formal dispute with London Underground over a failure to reach an agreement on Olympics recognition and reward payments for all LU staff.

RMT Secures £500 Olympic Bonus At Virgin Rail

RAIL UNION RMT confirmed today that it has secured a £500 Olympics and Paralympics payment for Virgin Rail staff as part of a package which will also see wages and allowances rise by 4.6% or £950 (whichever is the greater) from April this year and a £500 flat rate payment for all staff covered by collective agreements for additional pressures on services throughout the Olympics period.

RMT Rejects Latest Tube Olympics Pay Offer

TUBE UNION RMT has rejected the latest Olympics pay offer from London Underground and has agreed to step up the pressure for a fair deal for all staff across the grades that properly rewards the additional work load and pressure that members will need to carry throughout the extended Olympics and Paralympics period.

The latest slightly improved offer from London Underground is made up of £100 depending on meeting ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ targets and £20 per shift worked during the 4 weeks of the Games only

RMT Demands Fresh Pay Talks As Eurostar Cleaners Vote To Strike

STRIKES BY some 150 cleaners on three contracts across the Channel tunnel network have come a step closer after RMT members voted by overwhelming margins for industrial action in a bid to raise appallingly low pay levels.

The union has demanded fresh talks with subcontracting employers OCS and Initial after workers on the OCS Eurostar contract and Initial’s Eurostar and the Network Rail Channel tunnel rail link contracts endorsed action with only two votes cast against.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said:

RMT Secures £2500 Olympics Pay Deal On Docklands Light Railway

Transport union RMT said today that it has secured a ground breaking Olympics pay deal on DLR worth £2500 made up of a guaranteed attendance payment of £900 and guaranteed overtime payments for all staff throughout the Olympics and paralympics period.

The agreement is constructed as follows:

  • £900 attendance bonus, paid at £100 per week over a 9-week period for all staff in every grade.∙
  • Time +¾ for any hour worked on overtime throughout the 9-week period with a guaranteed minimum 5 hours per week, 45 hours over the 9 week period, for all staff in every grade.