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RMT Taxi Branch Chalks Up Significant Victory In Fight Against Unlicensed And Unsafe Rickshaws Clogging Up Central London

Taxi union RMT confirmed today that their Parliamentary Convenor John McDonnell MP has successfully objected to the TFL London Local Authorities Bill at Second Reading - specifically on the grounds that it would lead to the continued proliferation of unlicensed, unsafe rickshaws clogging up central London

RMT warns of lethal consequences as tube bosses plan to replace station staff with untrained volunteers during the Olympics

TUBE UNION RMT today cast a public safety warning over London Underground’s Olympic strategy for staffing stations as it emerged they plan to use “Non Licensed Volunteers” to work throughout stations doing “way finding”- a coded term for crowd control - a skill and task that should only be carried out by experienced competent members of staff.

RMT sends full support to striking workers and pledges co-ordinated action in fight against cuts

THE RMT AGM in Fort William has sent a message of “full and unconditional” support to the three quarters of a million workers taking action today against Government attacks on their pensions.

RMT has also pledged to co-ordinate its campaigning and action against the McNulty assault on the railways with other workers facing similar attacks on their jobs, pay and pensions over the coming months.

Speaking from the RMT AGM in Fort William, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

RMT Response to Arwyn Thomas' Employment Tribunal Victory

RMT on tribunal finding that Arwyn Thomas was unfairly dismissed

“London Underground have asked us to wait for the outcome of Arwyn Thomas’s Employment Tribunal and that body has now found that he was unfairly dismissed.

“Throughout this process LU have said that they would abide by the Tribunal ruling so all that we are now asking them to do is stick to their word and get Arwyn back to work. I am seeking an urgent meeting with the Managing Director to make the necessary arrangements.”

Bob Crow – RMT General Secretary

RMT names further strike dates in victimisations dispute

TUBE UNION RMT today announced strike dates involving all train driver members in the on-going dispute over the victimisation of union activist Arwyn Thomas over his trade union activities and the associated continuing harassment and victimisation of union reps throughout London Underground.

Despite strenuous efforts by RMT, LU have refused to reach an agreement that would reinstate Arwyn Thomas despite his successful appeal for “interim relief” for unfair dismissal at the Employment Tribunal on the grounds of his trade union activities.

At Least £250,000 Wasted On Tube Victimisation Says RMT

LONDON UNDERGROUND has thrown at least £250,000 down the tube trying to defend its indefensible victimisation of train operator Arwyn Thomas, RMT has estimated.

Six-figure legal fees, management time spent preparing for and attending six days of tribunals, including senior managers on £600-plus a day, on top of Arwyn’s salary – paid on the orders of an interim hearing in January – add up at least to the cost of employing 20 modern apprentices for a year, the union says.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today:

RMT and TSSA Negotiate Ground-Breaking Olympics Pay Deal For Network Rail Staff

Rail union RMT confirmed today that, having pursued a claim with sister union TSSA, they have secured a ground-breaking pay and rewards package offer aimed at taking Network Rail staff through the Olympics:

  • £500 additional money for working through the Olympics period
  • More than 10% pay increase on the basic over the next two years - 5.2% this year and RPI plus .5% in 2012.
  • Agreement of a disputes procedure throughout the Olympics period that means no union member can be dismissed and which recognises the continuing right to withdraw labour.

Additional press statement re Arwyn and Eamonn following erroneous report in tonight's Standard

RMT wants to make it absolutely clear that the victimisation cases of Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas are totally interlinked and that our days of strike action have been announced to secure the reinstatement of both members who have been unfairly sacked for their trade union activities.

We have now won three tribunal rulings in a row proving unfair dismissal and despite bogus reports to the contrary we are seeking an urgent meeting with LUL to discuss a timetable for getting both colleagues back to work and doing the job that they are being paid to do and that's driving tube trains.

Sacked Tube Driver Eamonn Lynch Wins Unfair Dismissal Case at Tribunal




Tube union RMT confirmed today that sacked Bakerloo Line tube driver Eamonn Lynch has won his employment tribunal case for unfair dismissal on the grounds of trade union activities. Eamonn Lynch's is one of two unfair dismissal cases that sparked this weeks announcement of ten days of tube strike action.

RMT blasts “AV diversion” as reports show a further half million jobs under threat

With more data out this morning showing that another half a million jobs are under threat, and that family budgets have been slashed by nearly a thousand pounds a year as a result of ConDem cuts, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow has accused the political class, led by Nick Clegg and David Cameron, of setting up this week’s AV referendum vote in a deliberate attempt to divert attention from harsh economic realities.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said,