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RMT Motion At TUC Calls For Co-ordinated Strike Action In Fight Against Cuts

RMT motion at TUC calls for co-ordinated strike action, national demonstration and link up with community groups in fight against the cuts

TRANSPORT UNION RMT has tabled a motion for the TUC Congress in Manchester next week which sets out a blueprint for a co-ordinated trade union and community fight back against the cuts programme and the “class warfare” of the ConDem Government.

RMT salutes success of rock solid tube safety action and calls on London Underground to halt cuts and start serious talks

TUBE UNION RMT today saluted the solid support of members for the joint action with sister union TSSA on London Underground that successfully turned the spotlight on cuts to safe staffing levels and which has ratcheted up the pressure on Boris Johnson and his transport officials to drop their plans and start talking seriously about a safe and secure future for the tube network.

Tube safety strike protest at Euston

TUBE UNION RMT will be leafleting members of the public at Euston station tomorrow (September 7) morning at 8am, in the middle of 24 hours of strike action, to explain the core safety issues at the heart of the current dispute.

RMT will be making the case that the current 800 job losses, amongst station and platform based staff, are the thin end of the wedge as Mayor Boris Johnson and his officials look to slash billions from transport spending in the Capital to pay off the costs of the failed tube privatisation experiment and to meet ConDem government spending targets.

Tube Maintenance Strike Rock Solid

Tube union RMT said this morning that a strike of Alstom tube maintenance staff on the Jubilee and Northern Line's that began at 19.00 last night is rock solid. Pickets have been out in force at all three Alstom tube maintenance depots.

RMT has received reports this morning of disruption and delays to south bound Northern Line services on the northern section of the Edgware branch during rush hour.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

ACAS talks on tube strikes break up as LU refuse to withdraw threats of cuts to safety and staffing levels – action is on

Talks at conciliation service ACAS broke up today following a failure on the part of London Underground to remove the threat of cuts to safety and safe staffing levels that would have allowed meaningful discussions to take place.

10,000 Tube staff to strike to defend jobs and safety

SOME 10,000 members London Underground’s two biggest unions will begin a rolling series of strikes on September 6 against plans to axe 800 station and other staff and close ticket-offices, after RMT and TSSA members voted overwhelmingly for action to defend jobs and safety.

Ex-Metronet (maintenance and engineering) staff will begin their first 24-hour strike at 17:00 on September 6, with similar action also scheduled to begin at the same time on Sunday October 3; Tuesday November 2, and Sunday November 28.

Rail fares rip-off and a threat to thousands of safety-critical jobs – transport under attack 100 days in to ConDem government

As the ConDem Government marks its first 100 days in office this week transport union RMT warned that jobs, quality and safety have been lined up for an all-out assault this autumn with the travelling public expected to take a massive hit on fares to use battered and under-resourced services.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said "We know that transport is being lined up for further, massive cuts this autumn that threaten jobs, infra-structure projects, safety and the quality of service to the travelling public. It will take co-ordinated trade union and community action on a scale unseen since the Poll Tax resistance to stop the ConDem’s cuts juggernaut."

RMTv: Pat Sikorski Discusses LUL Job Cuts And Proposed Maintenance Changes During Euston Station Leafletting

Assistant General Secretary Pat Sikorski discusses cuts to jobs at LU and changes to maintenance routines at London Underground. The interview took place whilst RMT activists were leafletting passengers at Euston station.

In the interview, conducted with Geoff Martin, Pat explains "We're telling everyone here at Euston that it's cuts in jobs in stations like this that is going to cost lives in the future....we had a fire in an escalator, the alarm failed to go off - it took alert station staff members to evacuate the station and save lives"

Euston Station Passengers To Be Warned of Staff Cuts Safety Risks Following Undetected Fire Beneath Escalator

Aftermath of the King's Cross fire
(A picture of a Dalmatian)

TUBE UNION RMT is to leaflet rush-hour passengers at Euston station this Wednesday morning over cuts to safety and safety-critical jobs following revelations that fire detection systems at the station failed last month creating the potential for a major disaster that was only avoided by the actions of a vigilant member of station staff.

RMT also confirmed today that it has written to London Underground requesting that all fire detection equipment at sub-surface stations be inspected within the next 72 hours under Section 12 Fire Regulations which were introduced after Kings Cross.