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Tube chiefs given green light to blow cuts cash on lunches, flowers, hotels and management consultants as stations are left unstaffed during security alert

Tube chiefs given green light to blow cuts cash on lunches, flowers, hotels and management consultants as stations are left unstaffed during security alert

TUBE UNION RMT today slammed underground bosses as it emerged cash that has been saved through £12 million of recent cuts is to be spent on hotels, drinks, flowers, lunches and management consultants.

RMT Gains Press Coverage of London Underground's Plans for Unstaffed Stations

RMT has achieved significant press coverage of London Underground's plans to leave nearly one-third of stations unstaffed for part of the day. After RMT issued this press release, several newspapers reported on the issue, and items were broadcast on TV and radio news bulletins. Here are some web links to media coverage:

London Underground lies exposed as new documents show that nearly a third of tube stations will be left unstaffed as cuts bite

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded an immediate halt to the London Underground cuts programme as new documents released the union show that 30.5% of stations have been scheduled to be unstaffed during operational hours – a direct contradiction of the speech given by Mayor Boris Johnson at the Tory Party conference in October last year where he said that staffing cuts would leave “no station unstaffed at any time.”

RMT announces action in two separate disputes over victimisation of underground train operators Eamon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas

IN TWO separate disputes over the victimisation of RMT London Underground activists the union today announced action in support of train operators Eamon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

The Sun Apologises to RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

On September 15 the Sun ran an anti-union article in which it made false and damaging allegations about RMT General Secretary Bob Crow, suggesting that he had a union-subsidised home and a luxury car.

Neither is true, and the Sun carried an apology, which can be read online here.

The newspaper will also pay £5,000 to the RMT widows and Orphans Fund and will pay the union’s legal costs.

Tube staff to strike again to defend safety and jobs

Suspend cuts and we will halt strikes, say RMT and TSSA

STRIKE ACTION by more than 11,000 members of RMT and TSSA, the two biggest unions on London Underground, will go ahead tomorrow evening after Tube bosses again failed to suspend their “dangerous and unnecessary” plan to axe 800 safety critical station staff.

Engineering staff will start their third 24-hour strike at 19.00 tomorrow (November 2), while operational staff will not book on for shifts scheduled to start from 21.00. A fourth 24-hour stoppage is scheduled for November 28 and 29.

RMT welcomes MPs’ call to reverse Tube staff cuts

THE TUBE’S biggest union, RMT, today welcomed condemnation of the London Mayor’s plans to cut 2,000 Underground jobs, put down in parliament by London MPs.

A motion tabled by John McDonnell (Hayes and Harlington) and Jeremy Corbyn (Islington North), calls on the mayor to drop proposals that have already been denounced by the Greater London Assembly and have raised “severe concerns” from London TravelWatch.