RMT press releases

RMT warns of more tube chaos as LU cut safety-critical inspections by half

TUBE UNION RMT warned of more tube chaos for passengers as it emerged that as part of the TfL cuts programme the frequency of safety-critical inspections is being slashed from twice a week to once a week.

In a safety licensing concession requested by LU the twice weekly inspection of track and infrastructure in sidings and depots will be cutback to just once a week. These inspections are in the areas of highest traffic anywhere on the network with fleet constantly being shunted in and out.

RMT warns of travel chaos as soaring copper prices drive cable thefts to record levels

TRANSPORT UNION RMT warned today that the ConDem-led demand for spending cuts is compromising security on the transport system at a time when soaring copper prices have driven cable thefts to record levels - leaving passengers facing huge potential for service disruption and travel chaos.

The British Transport Police have said that they have logged record levels of thefts in the early weeks of this year as copper prices have risen by over 40%. The estimated cost to the taxpayer of thefts from UK infrastructure is £700 million with transport in the front line.

Strike action over victimised tube drivers off to allow for talks and for fresh ballot of all tube drivers

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that strike action on the Bakerloo and Northern Line’s, scheduled to run from Sunday to Monday evening over the victimisation and sacking of two drivers, has been called off to allow for ACAS talks and to pave the way for a ballot for action of all London Underground drivers.

RMT had also received a threat from the employers to dash to the Court’s under the cloak of the anti-trade union laws.

RMT joins international condemnation of any attack on trade unions in Egypt

Commenting on news reports that the Egyptian military might attempt to ban strikes or trade union meetings that might lead to them, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“Any attempt to ban strikes and trade union activities in Egypt would be a huge step backwards and RMT fully supports the international trade union condemnation of any such moves.

RMT demands halt to cuts as LU bulldozes through job losses on Sunday at end of week of tube chaos

TUBE UNION RMT today repeated the demand for an end to the London Underground cuts programme as the system grinds towards the end of a week of chaos that has seen repeated failures on the Jubilee, Metropolitan, Central and Victoria Line’s as a combination of cuts, infrastructure failures and mismanagement from the top conspire to drag the network into a spiral of failure.

This morning the Jubilee Line went down due to fleet and signal failures and there was further disruption on the Metropolitan Line after it totally closed in yesterday evenings rush hour through the City.

RMT wins second interim hearing over victimisation of LU train operator on grounds of trade union activities

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded an end to London Undergound’s campaign of bullying and harassment of union activists as the organisation won a second “interim relief” hearing at the Employment Tribunal in Croydon yesterday in the case of sacked Northern Line train operator Arwyn Thomas.

RMT calls for ORR investigation as LU cuts leave stations unstaffed again at weekend and infrastructure failure leads to rush hour chaos

TUBE UNION RMT today called for a full ORR investigation into breaches of safety on London Underground after the union’s safety reps revealed that stations along the Central Line were left unstaffed last night due to cuts-led staff shortages.

The news, coming just a week after a brutal assault at unstaffed West Finchey station, nails the lie, repeated by Mayor Boris Johnson and his senior officials on a regular basis that “no station will be left unstaffed at any time” as a result of their cuts.

Massive Majority Vote For Action At Docklands Light Railway

TRANSPORT UNION RMT members have voted by a massive majority for action in a dispute with Serco Docklands.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said “Management at Serco Docklands continue to show total disregard for the idea of proper negotiation and consultation with this trade union on a number of issues and have also victimised and dismissed two of our colleagues. Our members have shown in this massive vote for action that they will not be bullied and treated with contempt."

Tube chiefs given green light to blow cuts cash on lunches, flowers, hotels and management consultants as stations are left unstaffed during security alert

Tube chiefs given green light to blow cuts cash on lunches, flowers, hotels and management consultants as stations are left unstaffed during security alert

TUBE UNION RMT today slammed underground bosses as it emerged cash that has been saved through £12 million of recent cuts is to be spent on hotels, drinks, flowers, lunches and management consultants.

RMT Gains Press Coverage of London Underground's Plans for Unstaffed Stations

RMT has achieved significant press coverage of London Underground's plans to leave nearly one-third of stations unstaffed for part of the day. After RMT issued this press release, several newspapers reported on the issue, and items were broadcast on TV and radio news bulletins. Here are some web links to media coverage: