RMT Launches Model Domestic Violence Policy For UK

On International Women’s Day (8th March), transport union RMT launches a new model domestic violence policy framework for the UK transport industry at the union’s annual women’s conference in Nottingham.

The policy document sets out clear principles for employers to recognise domestic violence as a workplace issue and maps out procedures for reporting, delivering a safe and supportive environment and promoting the policy amongst staff.

Recognising that many transport staff work in a public environment, the policy sets out clear procedures for ensuring safety and security and eliminating the vulnerability that any member of staff facing the stress of domestic violence is likely to feel.

The policy also sets out the steps required to support and assist a member of staff subjected to the trauma of domestic violence.

The model policy will now be circulated to all employers in the industries where RMT organises with the expectation that the document will be enthusiastically supported and adopted as workplace policy and practice.

Janet Cassidy, Chair of RMT’s National Women’s Advisory Committee, said:

“This Model Domestic Violence Policy isn’t just words on paper, it is a working document aimed at protecting and supporting those subjected to domestic violence" - Bob Crow

“It is important for this Policy to be launched across the transport industry, especially on International Women's Day. Women need to know that support is there and that violence towards women and children will not be tolerated. Women are inclined to keep this violence to themselves and with welfare cuts looming it is expected that violence may escalate. Don't keep it to yourself speak out. Help is there.”

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“This Model Domestic Violence Policy isn’t just words on paper, it is a working document aimed at protecting and supporting those subjected to domestic violence and RMT expects it to be endorsed and fully-implemented by employers across the transport sector. Delivering a safe and supportive working environment has to be an over-riding priority for staff and employers alike.”

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